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DIY Home Energy System review from our own perspective as real user. We remember the first time when we're searching for a great DIY energy course that we can easily learn and apply to produce our own power at home in order to reduce our energy expenses and become more energy independent and self-sufficient, we discovered a lot of systems offered online. One of them is DIY Home Energy System by Jeff Davis.

Of all the systems available online we finally decided to give the DIY Home Energy System a shot after attempting some other systems. We can honestly tell you from our experience that it works, really easy to follow, a great quality item that clearly took them a lot of time to create and perfect.

This is certainly a course that is created by a truly expert and a great team. If you are looking for a step-by-step course that teaches you how to lower your energy bills and become more energy independent and self-sufficient by constructing your own power at home with professional quality solar panels and residential wind turbines then this is the right system that you can count on.

DIY Home Energy System Review - The Features

  • A Complete Companion Guide. Every guide in here is very precise, will take you step by step and is filled with images. Nothing can prevent you from taking notes as you watch the videos. After the use of the step-by-step guides and videos, you will not think how building, configuration and usage of your solar panel will be simple.
  • Solar, Wind And Battery Bank Sizing Calculator. The exclusive calculator will have the ability to make the procedure of utilizing wind turbines and solar panels exceptionally easy. All the guess work is eliminated with a click. You will have the ability to determine your energy consumption along with savings. Furthermore, the amount of energy necessary to power your whole home is determined.
  • Full Video Course. The video course will demonstrate to you stepwise the building and usage of your efficient solar panel system from the beginning to the end.
  • Advanced Power Saving Guide. With this guide, you are shown reduction techniques of approximately 35% as far as your energy bills are concerned. You also get to be revealed the usage of a small and simple device stopping phantom power loads as well as power surges in your home. A further 18% reduction on your energy bills is effected by this.
  • Lifetime Premium Support. Jeff Davis and his team are friendly and helpful. He actually sent us an individual email after we joined. A great and very nice. They are a great team that you can count on.
  • Lifetime Premium Updates. Since we have actually been using the DIY Home Energy System we have also noticed that they actively upgrade their course and provide new tools and resources quite frequently to help with people's most FAQ's and as free added bonuses.

DIY Home Energy System Review - Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • It is very easy to use - with the passage of time, tweaking of numerous aspects of your tutorial can be made. Naturally this is based on reviews from other users. The tweaked aspects are very useful in making its following simple. Using your tutorial, no additional skills are required to be able to construct an energy source that is efficient for your home.
  • The cost is affordable - by using this course, building either a solar panel or a wind turbine or both can be done at a low cost. The money you spend is but a portion of the amount you would have to invest if purchasing the system from retailers.
  • Savings - paying bills month in month out is too much of a bother. Grab this chance and get to experience life free from energy bills as your new lifestyle. 79% of your energy consumption is cut off while at the very same time receiving green energy.
  • Ease of access - for the program, you can be able to download the eBook along with DVDs that will be of high significance. The downloaded book and PDFs can be accessed with ease at any time or place.
  • Never ever run out of resources - imagine using power that does not get depleted. With DIY Home Energy System, you can also have the ability to build yourself wind power turbines in a matter of days. This will ensure you constant supply of power to your home. Now imagine never having to face blackouts.

The Cons:

Time consuming in as much as you get to acquire the skills at a reasonably fast rate, a lot of time is spent going through the tutorials. Even though constructing a home-energy-system is not hard, time consuming or expensive, you need to set some time to watch the videos, and to go through the course.

Here, there is no guesswork, everything about the process is explained. Producing the solar panel is easy and it may take an hour or more to complete. However going through the steps need time. The videos go into details to ensure every person understands well before moving to the next step.

If you have no information about solar panels and what might be needed, you will delight in the step-by-step videos. The information provided answers any question you may have and makes it easy to follow and understand. Thankfully, if you have some skills concerning solar panels, you may skip the introduction videos. This is because you already know the basic part.

Who is this DIY Home Energy System Suitable For?

The DIY Home Energy System course is for people who are ready to lower their power bills. It is for everyone who would like to be free from power regulations. In the course, you are shown how you can construct a home-energy-system without skills or experience.

The procedure is quick, simple, inexpensive and easy to do. It is a course that even a young kid can understand. It is for individuals who have no skills or knowledge about solar, energy or assembling skills. In short, it's for everyone no matter how much experience you do have in energy systems.

The course explains in details every step of the process so you can just follow the videos. This is something that is hard to find in other DIY energy system courses. That's actually what makes DIY Home Energy System stand out from other similar courses.


We bought the DIY Home Energy System when it was $99.97. Currently they have it on sale for a 1-time payment of simply $47. The system has actually enabled us to lower our energy bills significantly and become much more energy independent.

This is the best-value course you're going to find. It's packed-full of the guide you require to build a DIY home energy project. It is very easy to follow because it has step-by-step videos and guides for each step of the building process. And we can honestly say that if you know how to use a screwdriver to tighten up a screw; you can use their system to produce free power at your home.

This is our favorite course on this topic. We're yet to find anything that really compares, and their "Iron Clad - 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee" means you've really got nothing to lose by trying it. Check Out DIY Home Energy System Now!