best air purifier for cat litter box smells of 2024

Best Air Purifier for Litter Box Smell: Top 8 Contenders of 2024

If you’re tired of the lingering smell of your cat’s litter box permeating your living space, consider investing in the best air purifier for litter box smell that’s designed to tackle this issue effectively. With options like the 2 Pack TPLMB Air Purifiers for Bedroom or the Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier, you can finally breathe easy in your home.

But how do these devices really work to combat those unpleasant odors, and what sets them apart from regular air fresheners? Stay tuned to discover the key features that make these air purifiers a game-changer for pet owners.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose air purifiers with H13 HEPA filters for superior odor elimination.
  • Look for customizable features like fan speeds and timers for personalized use.
  • Opt for models with low noise levels to maintain a peaceful environment.
  • Consider the convenience of filter replacement frequency and availability for long-term use.

2 Pack TPLMB Air Purifiers for Bedroom (P60, 2 White)

air purifiers for bedroom

If you’re looking for the best air purifier for cat litter box smell that combines superior purification with the option of adding fragrant essential oils, the Pack TPLMB Air Purifiers for Bedroom (P60, 2 White) is an ideal choice for tackling litter box smells. This air purifier is equipped with an H13 HEPA filter, ensuring excellent purification by trapping particles effectively.

Additionally, the ability to infuse essential oils into the air adds a pleasant aroma while eliminating unpleasant odors. Customers have praised its quiet operation and compact design, making it suitable for bedrooms or small living spaces.

While some reviews mention concerns about noise levels and longevity, the overall performance in reducing dust and enhancing air quality makes this purifier a valuable investment for improving your indoor environment.

Best For: Individuals seeking a compact and efficient air purifier with the option to add essential oils for a fragrant indoor environment.


  • H13 HEPA filter for superior purification
  • Allows for adding essential oils for fragrant air
  • Low decibel operation with night light mode


  • Mixed reviews on noise levels and longevity

Mooka H13 True HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms (Up to 1300 Sq Ft)

mooka h13 air purifier

For pet owners looking to effortlessly eliminate litter box odors, the Mooka H13 True HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms (Up to 1300 Sq Ft) stands out with its powerful 3-stage purification system and quiet operation.

Covering up to 1300ft² with 4 air changes per hour in 325ft², this purifier features an H13 HEPA filter that effectively filters pet hair, dander, dust, pollen, smoke, and odors.

Users report improved air quality, easier breathing, and appreciate the compact design suitable for bedrooms. The customizable functions including night light, 3 fan speeds, and child lock enhance user experience.

With an ozone-free and aromatherapy function, this purifier operates quietly with noise levels as low as 15 dbs, providing high-quality filtration for a clean and healthy air environment.

Best For: Pet owners seeking to effectively eliminate pet odors and improve air quality in large rooms effortlessly.


  • Covers up to 1300ft² with 4 air changes per hour.
  • Effective in filtering pet hair, dander, dust, pollen, smoke, and odors.
  • Customizable functions like night light, 3 fan speeds, and child lock enhance user experience.


  • Filters need replacement every 3-6 months.

Honeyuan H13 HEPA Air Purifier for Large Room (600 sqft)

honeyuan h13 hepa purifier

The Honeyuan H13 HEPA Air Purifier for Large Room (600 sqft) is an ideal choice for pet owners, babies, children, and the elderly due to its efficient 3-stage filtration system and low noise levels.

With a H13 True HEPA filter and 360° surround air intake design, this portable purifier features an LCD touch display, 3 fan speeds, and 9 timer options for customizable use.

Operating at low noise levels of 24dB, it’s certified by UL, CE, and FCC. This purifier can clean a 600 sqft room in just 30 minutes, delivering clean air at 90-120m³/h with adjustable fan speed modes and an auto shut-off timer.

Backed by a one-year warranty and 24-hour after-sales service, users have reported significant improvements in air quality and praise its effectiveness and ease of use.

Best For: Ideal for pet owners, families with babies or children, and elderly individuals seeking efficient air purification with minimal noise levels.


  • Efficient 3-stage filtration system
  • Low noise levels at 24dB for quiet operation
  • Customizable settings with adjustable fan speeds and 9 timer options


  • Challenges in finding replacement filters reported by some users

2 Pack Vhoiu Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom (KJ50 Black)

air purifiers for bedrooms

Ideal for those seeking a compact and efficient solution, the Pack Vhoiu Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom (KJ50 Black) offer effective odor elimination, making them a perfect choice for combating litter box smells in your living space.

Each air purifier covers up to 300 sq ft, suitable for small to medium rooms like bedrooms, dorms, offices, and kitchens. The 3 filter system consisting of a pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter ensures 99.97% purification.

With features like easy filter replacement reminders, night light sleep mode, energy-saving modes, and timer options, these air purifiers provide improved air quality and low noise levels for undisturbed sleep.

The Pack Vhoiu Air Purifiers are designed for convenience and functionality, ensuring a positive impact on your home environment.

Best For: Those looking for compact and efficient air purifiers to combat odors and improve air quality in small to medium rooms.


  • Effective odor elimination and air purification
  • Easy filter replacement reminders for maintenance
  • Low noise levels for peaceful sleep environment


  • Limited coverage area of up to 300 sq ft per purifier

Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier for Home Bedroom (Core 200S, White)

smart wifi air purifier

When combating litter box odors, consider the Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier for Home Bedroom (Core 200S, White) with its quiet operation and 3-in-1 filter technology. This smart model avoids UV-C light, making it safe for asthma sufferers and pets.

The 3-in-1 filter efficiently removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, and airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Covering up to 915 sq. ft. with a noise level of 24dB, it’s perfect for bedrooms.

You can control it remotely via the VeSync app, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users appreciate its effectiveness in improving allergies, ease of use, and the positive impact on air quality. Consider the Levoit Core 200S for a fresh and odor-free environment.

Best For: Those seeking an efficient and quiet air purifier solution for bedrooms with pets or asthma sufferers.


  • Removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, and airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Covers up to 915 sq. ft., making it suitable for larger rooms.
  • Operates quietly at 24dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.


  • Replacement filters may be an additional ongoing cost.

GermGuardian Air Purifier with HEPA 13 Filter (AC4825E)

hepa best air purifier for cat litter box smells

For those seeking effective odor elimination and allergen reduction in medium to large rooms, the GermGuardian Air Purifier with HEPA 13 Filter (AC4825E) is a standout choice. This high-performance air purifier can circulate air in rooms up to 743 sq. ft, ensuring thorough purification ideal for spaces like dorm rooms and bedrooms.

With true HEPA filtration, it captures up to 99.97% of harmful germs, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens as small as 0.1 microns. Equipped with UV-C light technology, it fights germs by reducing airborne viruses and targeting volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The activated charcoal filter helps reduce unwanted odors from pets, smoke, and cooking fumes, providing a quiet operation even on higher settings for a restful sleep.

Best For: Those looking for an effective air purifier to reduce pollutants and allergens in medium to large rooms.


  • Circulates air effectively in rooms up to 743 sq. ft.
  • True HEPA filtration captures up to 99.97% of harmful germs and allergens.
  • UV-C light technology helps reduce airborne viruses and VOCs.


  • May require filter replacements over time.

Levoit Air Purifier for Large Rooms (Vital200S/Vital 200S-P)

levoit best air purifier for cat litter box smells

With its pet mode feature specifically designed for filtering pet hair and odors, the Levoit Air Purifier for Large Rooms (Vital200S/Vital 200S-P) stands out as an effective solution for combating litter box smell in your home.

This air purifier offers coverage for large rooms up to 1900 square feet, ensuring efficient air purification. The 3-stage filtration system and rigorous virus test guarantee thorough cleaning. With auto-adjusting fan speed and whisper-quiet operation at 24dB, you can enjoy fresh air without disturbance.

The convenience of creating schedules with varied settings and app control adds to its user-friendly features. Choose the Levoit Vital200S/P for improved indoor air quality, reduced allergens, and a peaceful environment.

Best For: Pet owners looking to combat pet hair and odors effectively in large rooms up to 1900 square feet.


  • Efficiently filters pet hair and odors with the dedicated Pet Mode feature.
  • Covers a large room area up to 1900 square feet for thorough air purification.
  • Whisper-quiet operation at 24dB ensures a peaceful environment while running.


  • Replacement filters may add to long-term maintenance costs.

PuroAir HEPA 14 Air Purifier for Home – Covers 1,115 Sq Ft – Filters Up To 99.99% of Allergens

best air purifier for cat litter box smells, hepa 14 air purifier

Ideal for households with pets, the PuroAir HEPA 14 Air Purifier effectively eliminates up to 99.99% of allergens, including pet dander and odors, providing a clean and fresh environment. Covering 1,115 square feet, this powerful purifier features a HEPA 14 filter that can clean large rooms in just 67 minutes.

Backed by scientific testing and certifications like CARB, ETL, ISO, UL, and Energy Star, it offers automatic air cleaning with a smart particle sensor.

With convenient features such as a timer, fan speed adjustment, sleep mode, filter replacement indicator, and child lock, this user-friendly and sleek design caters to allergies, asthma, and sleep quality.

Users have praised its performance, noting immediate improvements in air and sleep quality, making it a top choice for enhancing your living environment.

Best For: Ideal for households with pets seeking to eliminate up to 99.99% of allergens and odors for a clean and fresh environment.


  • Covers a large area of 1,115 square feet efficiently.
  • Powerful HEPA 14 filter for effective allergen removal.
  • User-friendly design with convenient features for enhanced air quality.


  • Initial hesitance due to price may be a deterrent for some buyers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Purifier for Litter Box Smell

When choosing an air purifier for litter box smell, you should consider:

  • The size of the litter box area
  • How effective the purifier is at eliminating odors
  • How often the filters need to be replaced

Additionally, think about:

  • The noise levels the purifier produces
  • Whether the coverage area matches the size of the room where the litter box is located.

Size for Litter Box

Considering the size of your air purifier in relation to the litter box area is crucial to ensure effective odor elimination. Opt for an air purifier with a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that matches the size of the litter box space.

A larger litter box area may require a more powerful air purifier to adequately cover the space and eliminate odors. Look for models with strong activated carbon or HEPA filters specifically designed to trap odors from the litter box.

Additionally, ensure the air purifier offers multiple fan speeds or adjustable settings to control air circulation near the litter box. Features like night mode or quiet operation can also be beneficial in maintaining a peaceful environment in the litter box area.

Odor Elimination Effectiveness

To enhance the effectiveness of odor elimination when selecting the best air purifier for cat litter box smells, prioritize models equipped with HEPA filtration and activated carbon filters.

HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon filters effectively trap and neutralize volatile organic compounds, including pet odors and ammonia compounds responsible for litter box smells.

Opt for air purifiers with a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for odors to efficiently refresh the air and reduce unpleasant smells. Look for specific odor-eliminating technologies like zeolite or photocatalytic oxidation for targeted removal of pet-related odors.

Ensure the air purifier has a strong fan and air circulation system to efficiently capture and neutralize litter box odors in the room.

Filter Replacement Frequency

When looking for the best air purifier for cat litter box smell, prioritize filter replacement frequency to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in removing odors and particles from the air. Filter replacement frequency varies between every 3 to 6 months depending on the model and usage.

Air purifiers designed for litter box smell may require more frequent HEPA filter replacements due to the high concentration of odors and particles. Regularly changing filters is crucial for maintaining effectiveness in eliminating litter box odors.

Some air purifiers offer filter replacement indicators or reminders to help you stay on track with maintenance schedules. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended filter replacement schedule is essential to keep the air purifier working efficiently against litter box smells.

Noise Levels Consideration

Ensure your living space remains peaceful by selecting an air purifier with minimal noise levels, especially crucial when combatting litter box smells. Opt for air purifiers with low decibel levels, ideally below 30 dB, to minimize noise disruption.

Look for models offering sleep mode or night light options for quieter operation at night. Check customer reviews and specifications for noise levels to ensure the purifier aligns with your noise tolerance. Some units provide adjustable fan speed settings, allowing you to tailor noise levels to your liking.

Choose an air purifier that strikes a balance between noise reduction and effective odor elimination, considering how design and technology impact noise levels.

Coverage Area Suitability

Consider the coverage area of your chosen air purifier to effectively tackle litter box odors in the room. Ensure the air purifier’s coverage aligns with the room size to maximize odor elimination.

Opt for a purifier with a coverage area equal to or larger than the room’s square footage for optimal results. Choosing a unit with a coverage area exceeding the room size enhances air purification and odor removal.

Adequate coverage is crucial for filtering and neutralizing odors from the litter box efficiently. Matching the air purifier’s coverage area with the room size ensures thorough odor elimination.

Prioritize coverage area suitability when selecting an air purifier to combat unpleasant litter box smells effectively.

Maintenance Ease

To simplify maintenance tasks for combating litter box odors effectively with an air purifier, prioritize choosing models with easily accessible and replaceable filters. Look for air purifiers that offer filter replacement indicators or reminders to ensure timely upkeep.

Opt for units with washable pre-filters as they can help prolong the main HEPA filter’s lifespan. Select air purifiers with user-friendly designs that make cleaning and maintaining the unit hassle-free.

It’s essential to prioritize models that come with clear maintenance instructions and guidelines for efficient upkeep. By considering these factors, you can make the maintenance process of your air purifier a breeze while effectively eliminating unpleasant litter box smells.

Design Integration Aesthetics

For a seamless integration of your air purifier into your living space while combating litter box odors effectively, prioritize selecting models that blend harmoniously with your home decor.

Choose sleek, modern designs that complement your existing furniture and style. Opt for compact and stylish air purifiers that don’t detract from your room’s overall look. Look for color options that match or enhance your room’s color scheme for a cohesive appearance.

Select air purifiers with minimalistic or elegant designs to add a touch of sophistication to your space. By considering these design integration aesthetics, you can ensure that your air purifier not only eliminates unpleasant odors but also enhances the visual appeal of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Air Purifiers Be Used for Other Purposes Besides Eliminating Litter Box Smell?

You can use these air purifiers for various purposes beyond eliminating litter box smell. They are versatile and effective in reducing allergens, pet dander, cooking odors, and other airborne particles, ensuring a fresher and cleaner indoor environment.

Do Any of These Air Purifiers Require Regular Maintenance or Filter Replacements?

Regular maintenance and filter replacements are necessary for some air purifiers. These tasks ensure optimal performance and clean air. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your purifier running efficiently and effectively.

Are There Any Specific Features or Technologies in These Air Purifiers That Make Them More Effective at Eliminating Odors?

Pick air purifiers with powerful HEPA filters and activated carbon technology. These features effectively eradicate odors. Ensure routine maintenance for optimal performance. Enjoy fresh air without worrying about unwanted smells lingering in your space.

How Noisy Are These Air Purifiers When Running, Especially in a Bedroom Setting?

When running, these air purifiers are relatively quiet, making them suitable for bedroom use. They operate discreetly, allowing you to enjoy cleaner air without disruptive noise. You can eliminate odors without sacrificing peace and quiet.

Are There Any Specific Recommendations for Placement of These Air Purifiers in Relation to the Litter Box for Optimal Odor Elimination?

To maximize odor elimination, place the air purifier near the litter box. Optimal results occur when the purifier is within a few feet of the source. This strategic placement ensures efficient air circulation and effective odor neutralization.


You’ve now got the top 8 contenders of the best air purifier for litter box smell and keep your home smelling fresh. Say hello to clean air and goodbye to unpleasant smells with these powerful purifiers.

With their advanced features and high efficiency, these air purifiers will make your home feel like a breath of fresh air – literally! So why wait? Say goodbye to litter box smells and hello to a fresher, cleaner home today!

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