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8 Best Indoor Aquaponics Fish Tank Systems for Sustainable Home Gardening

You might think that setting up an indoor aquaponics system is complex and time-consuming, but with the right fish tank system, it can be surprisingly simple. Imagine effortlessly growing fresh herbs and vegetables right in your home, all while providing a healthy environment for your fish.

These 8 best indoor aquaponics fish tank systems offer a sustainable and efficient way to enhance your home gardening experience. So, why not explore how these systems can transform your living space into a thriving ecosystem that benefits both you and your aquatic companions?

Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Betta Tank Aquarium (Medium)

wall mounted fish bowl design

If you’re looking for a space-saving, visually appealing fish tank suitable for betta fish or small aquatic creatures, the Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Betta Tank Aquarium (Medium) is an excellent choice.

This wall-mounted design is perfect for small spaces, offering a stylish way to display your fish or live plants. Made of high-quality clear acrylic, this 9-inch by 9-inch tank is both bright and durable. Installation is a breeze, and the transparent color allows for easy viewing of your underwater friends.

Customer reviews praise its fast shipping, good quality, and suitability for betta fish. Some users noted initial leaking issues but were able to resolve them with epoxy. Overall, this fish bowl is a great addition to any room, especially kids’ rooms, and makes for a unique gift idea.

Best For: Small spaces or individuals looking for a visually appealing and space-saving fish tank for betta fish or small aquatic creatures.


  • Wall-mounted design saves space
  • High-quality clear acrylic for durability and brightness
  • Easy installation process


  • Some users experienced initial leaking issues

Back to the Roots Indoor Aquaponic Garden – Self-Watering Planter with Fishtank

Back to the Roots indoor aquaponics fish tank

For those seeking a self-sustaining indoor aquaponic garden that combines a fish tank with plant growth, the Back to the Roots Indoor Aquaponic Garden is a practical choice.

This indoor aquaponic system allows year-round cultivation of succulents, herbs, microgreens, bamboo, and houseplants in a 3-gallon self-cleaning fish tank. The fish waste fertilizes the plants on top while the plants help clean the water, creating a harmonious ecosystem.

Setup is straightforward with included instructions, and the kit comes with everything needed to get started, including seeds, water conditioner, and fish food. Users appreciate the educational value and ease of maintenance of this system, though some suggest adding extra accessories for best functionality.

Best For: Those looking for an educational and low-maintenance indoor aquaponic system that combines a fish tank with plant growth.


  • Easy setup and straightforward instructions.
  • Self-sustaining ecosystem with fish waste fertilizing plants.
  • Year-round cultivation of various plants like succulents, herbs, and microgreens.


  • Additional accessories like a filter, heater, and light may be needed, impacting overall cost.

AquaSprouts Garden Desktop Aquaponics Ecosystem Kit (10 Gallon)

aquaprouts indoor aquaponics fish tank

Ideal for individuals seeking a self-sustaining desktop aquaponics ecosystem, the AquaSprouts Garden offers a convenient solution for home, office, or school environments. This 10-gallon system allows fish to fertilize plants, which, in turn, clean the water, reducing the need for frequent changes and filter replacements.

With year-round vegetable, herb, and green growth without additional fertilizers, it’s perfect for those with limited space. You’ll need additional equipment like an undergravel filter, LED light, heater, air pump, and grow light for setup. Planting the tank aids in filtration, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption.

Consider fish selection, plant choices, and automation to streamline maintenance. Address accessibility and aesthetics concerns upfront, and enjoy the benefits of reduced maintenance and enhanced functionality over time.

Best For: Those looking to explore aquaponics in a limited space environment at home, the office, or school.


  • Self-sustaining ecosystem reduces maintenance needs.
  • Allows year-round growth of vegetables, herbs, and greens without additional fertilizers.
  • Provides a convenient and compact solution for fish and plant enthusiasts.


  • Requires additional equipment for setup, increasing initial investment.

VIVOSUN 3-Gallon Indoor Aquaponic Fish Tank (Hydroponic Cleaning Tank)

Vivosun indoor aquaponics fish tank

With its self-cleaning function and compatibility with over 150 types of plants, the VIVOSUN 3-Gallon Aquaponic Fish Tank offers a symbiotic ecosystem ideal for both fish and plant enthusiasts.

The aquaponic system creates a symbiosis between fish, vegetables, and microbes, benefiting each other. Equipped with a siphon oxygen supply and thermostat for best plant growth and fish well-being, this tank guarantees a healthy environment.

Its self-cleaning function allows the hydroponic system to naturally clean the water, reducing maintenance efforts. Additionally, the tank is suitable for various hydroponic plants, providing flexibility for plant enthusiasts. The value pack includes the fish tank, necessary accessories, and an additional thermostat for enhanced functionality.

Best For: Those looking for a low-maintenance aquaponic system that benefits both fish and plant growth.


  • Self-cleaning function reduces maintenance efforts.
  • Compatibility with over 150 types of plants offers flexibility.
  • Siphon oxygen supply and thermostat promote optimal plant growth and fish well-being.


  • Issues with clay balls affecting plant growth.

AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

indoor herb garden kit

If you seek a compact and efficient indoor gardening solution that offers easy maintenance and rapid plant growth, the AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit could be your ideal choice. This hydroponic system allows you to grow six different plants simultaneously, reaching heights of up to 12 inches.

The AeroGarden Harvest features a full spectrum 20W LED grow light that promotes fast and healthy plant development. With a touch-sensitive control panel, maintaining your indoor garden becomes a breeze.

The kit includes a 20W LED grow light system, liquid plant food, and the Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit to kickstart your gardening journey. Enjoy fresh herbs and greens year-round with this user-friendly and visually appealing indoor gardening solution.

Best For: Individuals looking for a convenient and efficient indoor gardening solution that promotes rapid plant growth and easy maintenance.


  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Rapid and healthy plant growth with the full spectrum 20W LED grow light.
  • Ability to grow six different plants simultaneously up to 12 inches tall.


  • Instructions may require clarification, especially regarding the lighting timer.

Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden with Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

indoor aquaponics fish tank

For those seeking a fast and efficient way to grow a variety of plants indoors, the Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden with Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light offers a high-performance solution.

With 192 LED lamp beads providing full-spectrum capability and 3 lighting modes for different growth stages, this system promotes plant growth 5 times faster than traditional soil methods.

The acrylic material guarantees high light transmittance, while the silent water circulation system, equipped with an independent water pump, increases oxygen for better root growth.

Plants thrive 20% faster than with traditional soil methods, thanks to the large 3.8L water tank with a water shortage warning. Ideal for a range of plants like basil, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce, this system is perfect for cold winters and apartments without gardens.

Best For: Those looking to efficiently grow a variety of plants indoors at an accelerated rate.


  • 5 times faster plant growth compared to traditional soil methods.
  • Silent water circulation system with oxygen-boosting capabilities.
  • Suitable for cold winters and apartments without gardens.


  • Requires regular water maintenance.

Hydroponics with Aquaponic Indoor Gardening Ecosystem with LED Grow Lights

sustainable indoor gardening system

Ideal for those seeking a hassle-free way to enjoy both fishkeeping and indoor gardening, this dual hydroponic and aquaponic system with LED grow lights offers a convenient and low-maintenance solution.

The system features double tank aquatic subsystems with separate aquariums for different species of pet fish, clear Polycarbonate (PC) fish tanks, probiotic and beneficial bacteria, and a separate hydroponic subsystem for growing spices and vegetables. With timer and dimming controls for lighting, it guarantees ideal growth conditions for your plants.

While some customers faced issues like cracked tanks and malfunctioning pumps, many appreciated the overall functionality and design. Enjoy the ease of setup and maintenance, allowing you to leave home worry-free for up to 10 days.

Best For: Families looking to combine the joys of fishkeeping and indoor gardening in a convenient, low-maintenance system.


  • Dual hydroponic and aquaponic system for versatile plant growth.
  • Timer and dimming controls for optimal plant development.
  • Educational and aesthetic value, especially for children.


  • Potential issues with cracked tanks and malfunctioning pumps.

Penn-Plax Aquaponic Planter and Aquarium for Betta Fish Tank

aquaponic planter for betta

With its ultra-clear plastic construction and unique aquaponic design, the Penn-Plax Aquaponic Planter and Aquarium for Betta Fish Tank stands out as an innovative choice for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of fish-plant interaction in a compact space.

This 0.5-gallon tank replicates nature’s cycle by allowing plants to absorb fish waste, creating a healthier environment. The included ceramic planting media facilitates hydroponic plant growth, with suggested plants like Peace Lily and Lucky Bamboo thriving in this setup.

Maintenance is straightforward, requiring weekly partial water changes and regular feeding for the Betta fish. Users appreciate the tank’s ventilation design, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. Overall, the Penn-Plax Aquaponic Planter and Aquarium offers functionality, satisfaction, and a visually pleasing addition to any space.

Best For: Individuals looking to create a harmonious fish-plant ecosystem in a compact space.


  • Innovative aquaponic design promoting a healthy environment for fish and plants.
  • Easy maintenance with weekly partial water changes and suggested plant options for optimal growth.
  • Aesthetically pleasing ultra-clear plastic construction enhancing any space.


  • Limited to Betta fish due to the tank’s size.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Indoor Aquaponics Fish Tank

When choosing an indoor aquaponics fish tank, consider the size for your available space, the plants you want to grow alongside the fish, and the maintenance required. Make sure the water circulation system meets the needs of both your fish and plants, and provide adequate lighting for their growth.

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Size Considerations

When selecting an indoor aquaponics fish tank, it’s important to factor in the available space for your setup to make sure it’s a proper fit.

Evaluate the size of the tank based on the types and number of fish you plan to keep in the system. Larger tanks provide more stability in water parameters and offer more room for fish to thrive. On the other hand, smaller tanks may require more frequent monitoring and maintenance to guarantee ideal conditions for the fish.

Additionally, keep in mind that the size of the tank can impact the overall aesthetics and visual appeal of your indoor aquaponics setup. Consider these factors when choosing the size of your indoor aquaponics fish tank for a successful and sustainable home gardening experience.

Plant Compatibility

Considering the types of plants that thrive in aquaponic systems is essential when selecting an indoor aquaponics fish tank, ensuring compatibility with the fish you intend to keep. Certain plants like herbs, leafy greens, and some vegetables are well-suited for aquaponic setups due to their nutrient requirements.

It’s important to choose plants that can efficiently absorb nutrients from fish waste to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Researching the specific nutrient needs and growing conditions of your selected plants is key for successful growth in the aquaponics environment.

Opt for plants that can help regulate water quality by absorbing excess nutrients, creating a healthier environment for both your fish and plants in the system.

Maintenance Tips

To maintain a healthy indoor aquaponics fish tank system, prioritize regular water testing and monitoring. This step is important for ensuring water quality and the well-being of your fish and plants.

Performing weekly partial water changes is also essential to eliminate excess nutrients and waste buildup, maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Regular pruning and trimming of plant roots help prevent overgrowth and maintain the best nutrient absorption.

Additionally, cleaning tank components like filters and pumps is necessary to prevent clogs and malfunctions that could disrupt the aquaponic system.

Remember to provide proper lighting conditions for both fish and plants to support their growth and overall health in your indoor aquaponics setup.

Water Circulation System

To guarantee ideal water circulation in your indoor aquaponics fish tank, pay attention to key factors when selecting the right system. A well-designed water circulation system is important for ensuring proper oxygenation and nutrient distribution to both fish and plants.

Efficient water flow helps maintain water quality by preventing stagnation and aiding in waste removal. It also promotes healthy root growth in plants, facilitating nutrient absorption and overall development.

Additionally, an effective circulation system aids in temperature regulation, preventing localized hotspots or cold zones within the tank. By maintaining regular water circulation, you can also prevent algae growth as it helps distribute nutrients evenly and discourages buildup in stagnant areas.

Choose a system that prioritizes these factors for a successful aquaponics setup.

Lighting Requirements

When selecting an indoor aquaponics fish tank system, make sure that you pay attention to the lighting requirements important for best plant growth. Adequate lighting is important for plant growth in indoor aquaponics systems.

Full-spectrum LED lights are commonly used to support plant photosynthesis and growth. Different plant types may have varying light requirements, so adjustable lighting features can be beneficial.

Proper light intensity and duration are essential to mimic natural sunlight for best plant health. Monitoring light schedules and adjusting as needed can help maintain a balanced ecosystem in the fish tank.

Be diligent in providing the right lighting conditions to ensure the success of your indoor aquaponics system.

User Experience

Consider user feedback and reviews to gain valuable insights into the practicality and functionality of indoor aquaponics fish tank systems, especially when focusing on user experience. Factors such as setup ease, maintenance requirements, plant growth success, and fish health can greatly impact user satisfaction.

By understanding others’ experiences, you can avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions to optimize your indoor aquaponics setup. User recommendations and tips can also play an important role in enhancing the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of your aquaponics fish tank.

Prioritizing user experience when selecting a system can lead to a more successful and sustainable home gardening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Any Type of Fish in an Indoor Aquaponics Fish Tank System, or Are There Specific Species That Work Best?

You can use various fish species in an indoor aquaponics system, but some work better than others. Consider factors like temperature tolerance, waste production, and growth rate. Tilapia, trout, and goldfish are popular choices for their adaptability and compatibility with plants.

How Often Do I Need to Clean and Maintain the Fish Tank in an Indoor Aquaponics System?

You should clean and maintain the fish tank in your indoor aquaponics system regularly. This guarantees the health of your fish and the proper functioning of the ecosystem. Consistent care leads to a successful setup.

Are There Any Specific Water Quality Parameters I Need to Monitor Regularly in an Indoor Aquaponics Fish Tank?

Regularly monitor water quality parameters like pH, ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates in your indoor aquaponics fish tank. Maintaining these levels guarantees a healthy environment for both your fish and plants, promoting a successful aquaponics system.

Can I Grow Any Type of Plants in an Indoor Aquaponics System, or Are There Certain Plants That Are Better Suited for This Setup?

You can grow a variety of plants in an indoor aquaponics system. Some, like herbs, leafy greens, and certain vegetables, thrive in this setup. Research and choose plants that match your system’s conditions for successful growth.

What Kind of Lighting Is Recommended for an Indoor Aquaponics System to Ensure Proper Plant Growth and Fish Health?

To guarantee proper plant growth and fish health in your indoor aquaponics system, use full-spectrum LED lights. These lights mimic natural sunlight, providing the necessary spectrum for photosynthesis. They are energy-efficient and promote peak growth for your plants and fish.


Overall, choosing an indoor aquaponics fish tank system for sustainable home gardening is a great way to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables while also providing a happy and healthy environment for your fish.

Consider factors such as size, ease of maintenance, and compatibility with plants and fish when selecting the best system for your needs. With the right setup, you can enjoy the benefits of aquaponics right in your own home.

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