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If you are trying to cut your electrical costs, then you must know the concept of permanent magnetic generator. It is one of the best inventions till date and it is ready to revolutionize our lives. It is a clean and environment friendly device which uses the magnets in a proper way to create permanent magnetic energy for your home. It will help you reduce your monthly electricity bills and also save lots of money.

Make Use of Permanent Magnets For Free Electricity Generation

Magnets have the power to generate electric current when they are attracted with something. In this case, you need to create a permanent magnetic generator to make use of this power. Magnetic generators are very common in industrial settings, but they are not used in homes. This is because the initial cost of these generators is much high and the magnets they use are expensive as well. You must be thinking that how these generators can provide electricity at home when they cost so much?

Well, there is a big secret behind these magnetic electricity generators. These generators use the force of repulsion and attraction between magnets to generate electricity. The repulsive and attractive force from the magnets results in the production of negative charges. These charges are accumulated and afterwards converted into electric current by the use of generators.

How to Build Your Own Permanent Magnetic Generator

This is how the process works:

The initial cost of the permanent magnet power generator is much lower than the other generators available in the market. You just need to purchase a good quality magnet motor for creating electricity at home. Also, you need to buy raw materials like iron etc. You will also need an expert who can install the generator and maintain it properly. You will have to pay lots of dollars initially to set up this magnetic generator but when you make regular electricity payments, it will not cost you a dime!

Now, that you have all the necessary materials needed to build a permanent magnetic generator, why don't you build one now? If you do a lot of research on the internet, you will come across a lot of videos. These videos will show you how you can build your own homemade electricity system very easily with the help of magnets. You will find out how the magnetic field around the magnets creates a powerful force which converts electricity into AC electricity. You will also learn about how to use this electricity generation system to power your entire home.

You will learn how to convert the DC electricity generated by the magnetic energy motor into AC electricity at home. Once you start using your home energy generator, you will not need to rely on your electricity supplier anymore. You will be generating your own electricity and saving lots of money on your electricity bills! And best of all - you will be contributing towards keeping the environment green as well!


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