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This EZ battery reconditioning review is based on my experience of buying and using it as a real user. I remember the first time when I'm searching for a great battery reconditioning course that I can easily learn and apply to recondition my own batteries for my solar panel at home, I discovered a lot of systems offered online. One of them is EZ battery reconditioning by Tom Erickson.

Of all the courses available online I finally decided to give Tom Erickson course a shot after reviewing some other courses. I can honestly tell you from my experience that it works, really easy to follow, a great quality course that clearly took him a lot of time to create and perfect.

This is certainly a course that is created by a truly expert. If you are looking for a step-by-step course that teaches you how to recondition old dead batteries (almost any types of batteries) and bring them back to their fullest function then this is the right course that you can count on.

Getting to Know More About EZ Battery Reconditioning

If you had an old vehicle and thought of taking it out for a spin one day just to recognize its battery is long dead, what would you do? Would you invest more money on a brand-new battery or just bring the old battery back to life from the comforts of your garage?

Well, the latter choice sounds more enticing, and a fantastic money saver. This is what EZ battery reconditioning is all about. It is a course that reveals you why you must stop discarding old batteries too soon and rather restore them back to life with ease.

Reconditioning batteries has many advantages, both financially and environmentally. You can even recondition batteries for others for a charge and earn money or merely try to find prematurely thrown batteries, bring them back to life, and offer them off for a substantial profit.

EZ battery reconditioning is a course developed by Tom Ericson, who is popular as a former worker in a golf cart business. The course is a well researched and detailed guide that reveals you how you can simply recondition old dead batteries and bring them back to life once again.

Reconditioning batteries that were most likely dead and forgotten, if not discarded yet, not just saves you money, but can be a profitable business as well. You can restore the batteries and offer them for a big profit.

The techniques detailed in the EZ battery reconditioning guide teach you how you can simply restore used batteries from your vehicle, PC, mobile phone, golf cart, photovoltaic panels and a lot more gadgets used at home or office.

What Exactly You're Gonna Learn from EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide

Without risking of handing out most of the excellent stuff in Tom Ericson's helpful course, here are simply a few of the crucial things you'll gain from the EZ battery reconditioning guide:

  • Never exposed before methods that you can use to restore nearly every rechargeable battery that you couldn't charge well before.
  • Valuable pointers on how to utilize a multimeter to identify if an old or dead battery can be reconditioned. This enables you sort the good from the bad rather easily.
  • Helpful information on how and where you can source for affordable or even totally free old batteries that you can revive. This is particularly beneficial if you utilize photovoltaic panels or any other alternative energy device.
  • He shows you all the materials you need to begin your battery reconditioning project.
  • More significantly, you get to learn more about batteries; how to determine the good ones that are repairable from irreparable ones before you purchase your next pack. This is a fantastic money saver.
  • How you can start a battery reconditioning business and much more.

It is likewise worth mentioning that Tom Ericson is now offering a special bonus guide for each consumer who purchases his course. The value-packed bonus offer, called "Making Money Restoring Batteries" shows you precisely where you can lay your hands on totally free old batteries that you can recondition and sell for a huge profit.

How Exactly the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide Work?

The EZ battery reconditioning guide is a complete course that teaches even the least technical-savvy people how to revive old batteries and make them to function again. The course is available as a step by step guide in 21 chapters of important fluff-free material. Though the whole guide, you will discover whatever you need to understand about batteries and how to recondition old or even dead ones.

The guide consists of comprehensive illustrations and images to help you comprehend the principles discussed with ease. It is not called EZ for nothing. The guide not only teaches you how to recondition batteries however goes even more to reveal you in very clear terms how you can start a profit-pulling battery reconditioning service.

Tom Ericson is a great instructor. He takes you by hand and begins by teaching you all the common, and not so common, types of batteries such as car batteries, PC batteries, rechargeable batteries, and long-life batteries just to mention a few.

He explains core features of each kind of battery and more significantly how to preserve batteries in good health. You discover a lot more about various batteries and their life expectancy. Every element discussed in the course is accompanied by clear graphic illustrations and images to help you absorb the details much better.

The course is loaded with lots of advantages for every single man or woman out there who utilizes batteries, which begs the question: "Who doesn't use one type or another of batteries every day?" This is a course for everybody who is keen on reducing their power expenses, saving energy, and preserving a clean toxin-free environment.

Disposing old batteries instead of reconditioning and reusing them ruins the environment as the disposed batteries are bound to rot and release toxic substances in the atmosphere.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review - The Benefits and Drawbacks

Why don't we have a look at some of benefits and drawbacks of the EZ battery reconditioning guide just to provide you a clearer image of the course?

The Benefits 

Ecological Conservation

Research studies reveal that typically each person in the United States disposes of 8 batteries every year. In our viewpoint, that is still a very conservative figure provided the billions of battery used gadgets in the market today.

Eight batteries in a year might not feel a lot, however on a large scale, given the big population of the United States, we are broaching billions of old batteries being discarded every year.

Remember, batteries contain chemicals such as lead and cadmium which leak into the ground polluting the soil or the surface water. The chemicals ultimately end up in plants and animals that we consume. Instead of discarding the batteries, we should be recycling, if not reconditioning them, to keep our environment clean and live healthy lives.

Money Saving

This is really self explanatory. Ask yourself just how much you spend on vehicle batteries and the response could be anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on the type or model of the vehicle you drive. If you mastered how to revive your vehicle battery and other batteries in your home, wouldn't you be making considerable money savings every year?

A Simple Course that Won't Take Much of Your Time to Learn

The course teaches how to recondition a battery in, according to Tom Ericson, between 10 and 20 minutes. Clients who used the course for the first time said they took less than an hour to recondition a battery. The whole process will not use up much of your time.

Affordable Price

EZ battery reconditioning guide is readily available for less than $50. If you think about the value you are obtaining from the course you will concur that it is a steal for that price. There is obviously the expense of products you will need to start reviving the batteries, however luckily you might even be having a few of them in your garage or kitchen now.

Easy to Learn Curve

EZ battery reconditioning guide is easy to follow along and comprehend. If you are typically a visual learner, you'll have an easy time comprehending the process since the guide includes colorful images and diagrams.

100% 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Due to a strong confidence of this course, Tom Ericson wants to back it with a 60 day refund warranty. He wants you to discover how you can recondition old batteries without stressing over the money you invested in the course. The course should be quite valuable due to the fact that up until now we have not encountered any grievances or refunds.

The Drawbacks

Safety Precaution Required

Dealing with old or damaged batteries needs a high level of safety measure since batteries contain destructive chemicals such as sulfuric acid. Tinkering batteries is not a kid's play so make sure you understand how to deal with these batteries, work in protective clothes, and ideally in a well aerated space to prevent inhaling hazardous gases.

Exclusively Digital Format and Has No Video Included

The course is only available in an eBook PDF format. A video would have been fantastic as most people nowadays find it much easier to learn visually instead of reading books. Nevertheless, the colorful illustrations and diagrams in the eBook are quite self-explanatory. If you have issues reading the book in digital format from your computer, tablet, or phone, you can always print out a copy and bring it along to your garage or anywhere you want to work from.

Final Thoughts

One obvious thing I'll give EZ battery reconditioning guide is how Tom Ericson is extremely capable to use simple language and colorful illustrations to drive the point (read points) home. The guide is quite easy to read and comprehend and most importantky is easy to follow. 

The course actually does help in keeping our environment clean. Billions of batteries are discarded every year, ruining our ecology and damaging animal and plant life, you included. If the batteries can be reconditioned and reused we'd each be playing a big role in protecting the environment.

This is a great course for anybody who is thinking about conserving energy and decreasing their power expenses. You can get the course too if you want to venture into the battery reconditioning business and make a huge profits. The business is not quite saturated yet and now is the best time to earn money reconditioning batteries. All you need to get started is give it a shot and download the guide now!

This is my favorite course on this topic. I'm yet to find anything that really compares, and the "Iron Clad - 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee" means you've really got nothing to lose by trying it. Check Out EZ Battery Reconditioning Now!