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Do you want to conserve water? In this short post we'll be discussing some simple methods to conserve water that will effectively help you reduce your home monthly energy bill. Here are our top 20 simple methods to lower your water expenses:

1. Your day-to-day shower should not last more than 5 minutes. Utilize a timer if you discover it difficult to cut your shower short.

2. Select a clothes cleaning machine based on ability to use the minimum quantity of water needed for the load. New models have sensors so look for this when upgrading. Front-loading devices, while a little more costly, use less water and power than top-loaders.

3. Cleaning your car - use a pail and chamois, not the garden hose pipe.

4. Watering the yard and garden must be done by hand if needed. Sprinklers moistening big areas of path are a huge waste of this precious resource.

5. Do not water during the heat of the day, as evaporation makes this a meaningless exercise.

6. Use grey water (utilized for washing) for the garden and yards. The phosphates in eco-friendly detergents will really be good for your plants.

7. Conserve rainwater for outdoors usage by gathering overflow from roofings. If you are prepared to purchase a domestic filtration system, so much the better.

8. Toilets tanks ought to be dual flush to save water whenever possible. Maintaine your usage discipline when flushing.

9. Old large tanks can be changed by including a brick, or something solid to change water needed to refill.

Check your pipes for leaks. These can often be spotted as uncommonly green strips of lawn in a dry spell.

11. Inspect all taps for drips, both inside and outdoors. A single tap can waste 500 liters (132 gallons) or more in a year.

12. Never discard toxins down the drains. Remember what enters into the ground eventually goes back to the water table.

13. When in the cooking area, use a bowl to rinse salad, vegetables, and fruits, not a running tap.

14. Brush your teeth without the tap running.

15. When washing hair in the basin, use the shower to rinse off, not a handheld spray.

16. Select your dishwashing machine for its ability to use water efficiently, and take a look at ways to recycle the wastewater.

17. Just run the dishwasher when it is complete to be more effective.

18. Swimming pools look charming, but think about how often they will be used if you are considering setting up one. If you'll just take a dip a couple of times per year, it will be a huge waste of water.

19. If you have a swimming pool, then check it for leaks and repair work in winter, if appropriate.

20. If you have the ways at your workplace, check water is being used effectively there also.

If you adopt all the above pointers, you'll see your energy bill drop based upon reduced water use. Some of the small things like not utilizing a running tap to brush your teeth will save a minimum of 3,000 liters (about 800 gallons) in a year alone for a family of four.

Consider also that getting water to the family is significantly more requiring on energy. Water has to be pumped for longer and longer distances as old city tires dry up and rivers face extra needs for watering and commercial purposes.

Every little bit will help to stop the steady supply from decreasing to a drip - and after that simply a drip. Did you understand you can also save on your power costs by building your own solar water heating unit? Watch this free video to learn more about DIY solar power now!