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Using solar power or the power originating from the sunlight has lots of advantages. Let's take a more detailed look on each of them.

Money Saving

In 2006, we saw the highest jump on home electricity cost. In some locations of the nation, as high as 60% rise was seen. Lots of experts concur that the trend will likely to proceed in the years to come. This indicates that you must pay bigger amount money to sustain your monthly electrical usage. However if you generate your own power, you can stop paying the high price of power - specifically now when power costs are extremely unpredictable. On a bigger scale, if American households switch over to other kinds of alternative power including solar power, the country's investing on imported oil will significantly decrease.


The problem of global warming will not vanish. So if you want to play your role to save this earth, attracting your power need from the sunlight will certainly make a fantastic distinction.

Solar power is sustainable as well as eco-friendly unlike gas, coal and oil that most energy companies use. It does not create sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury or co2 as byproducts so it doesn't contaminate the air. Because it doesn't release greenhouse gases, it doesn't add to global warming. Utilizing solar power decreases demand for fossil fuel as well as lowers the country's reliance on foreign power resources.

Alternative Form of Energy Incentives

Lots of people are discouraged to install solar electrical systems due to the initial cost of the project. However, some states like California provides federal tax credits as much as $2000 and up front rebate that covers 20% to 30% of the overall system cost. These offers are fairly great considering the significant rise of power price in the last few years.

Note: As a result of the raising variety of households that want to switch over into alternative types of power, the incentive levels decrease. Contact your state government and consult about the rates it provide if you are going to make a switch.

Reliable and No Maintenance Requirement

Photovoltaic (PV) cells that are utilized in solar power systems are able to supply electrical power for a very long time. Originally established for space use, PV cells need little or no maintenance. The proof is, most satellites orbiting earth use PV cells that are in extreme atmosphere, not maintained yet are still functioning effectively. The manufacturers of photovoltaic panels can provide as long as 25-years service warranty. Talk about quality and reliability.

Improvement to The Quality of Life

Saving the earth one watt at a time if done collectively will help reduce the impacts of global warming. It will additionally decrease the need on coal, oil or gas power plants that release dangerous gases. Subsequently, utilizing solar power helps clean the air as well as improves the quality of life of every person.

Reduce Demands for Non-biodegradable Products

For energy companies to distribute power to every home, they need materials necessary in constructing these systems of power lines like electrical cable as well as steel. These need power to produce and contribute to greenhouse gases emissions. If we can reduce the demand for power plant and switch into alternative power, we can also lower the demand for these materials and help the environment.