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Are you interested in using a Tesla turbine generator? If so, then you should know about the ups and downsides of this unique technology product. For your information, these unique generators do not burn fuel to generate electricity.

Instead, they use the free energy from the magnetic force of the magnets to power themselves, so you will never have to worry about running out of gas or electricity, even if the wind dies down. What's more is that these unique generators are quieter than other wind turbines, which means that you will not bother anyone near you when using one.

In the following paragraphs we'll be discussing more details about this Tesla turbine generator, what makes it so unique, the features, the benefits and the reasons why you need to consider this unique turbine to generate electricity for your own home.

What Makes Tesla Turbine Generator So Unique

Are you wondering what makes these turbines so unique? Basically, they use two spinning discs with teeth as the main building material, which rotate in order to create electricity. The discs spin in a circuit within the motor housing, and there are usually four to five of these in each Tesla turbine generator.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the Tesla turbine generator is they are not actually single stage electric generators. While it is true that only one disc of the turbine assembly moves when the blades are spinning, it is also true that the blades can rotate simultaneously, meaning that there is no limit to how much electricity a household or business can generate using one turbine.

While it may seem unbelievable at first, it is still entirely possible to have one or more turbines running at the same time, providing a much larger capacity than that of any other single stage unit. With this type of technology, your entire home or business can enjoy the same amount of energy output as your neighborhood electricity company. As a result, you are saving money on both heating and cooling expenses and reducing the carbon footprint of your property by running your entire home or business on clean energy.

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The Features and Benefits of Tesla Turbine Generator

The following are just some of the benefits and features of this unique Tesla turbine generator that you need to know.

Powerful Disks to Generate Electricity

The first benefit to owning one of these turbines is that they use two very small, yet incredibly powerful, disks in order to generate electricity. As the disks spin in a circuit within the motor housing, they generate kinetic energy, which is then converted into electricity by way of a direct current. The higher the load on the turbine discs, the more energy they can produce and store until it is needed again. Therefore, if you need some extra electricity for the home, but don't want to purchase and install an electrical generator of your own, then consider purchasing a Tesla turbine generator.

Small Space to Operate

Another benefit of this unique and popular turbine is that it does not require a large amount of space to operate. As we mentioned previously, these turbines are only two-stage electric generators, meaning that they are only capable of producing approximately one hundred and forty volts of electricity at full capacity. Because of this limitation, many homes or businesses do not have sufficient space available for you to install them. However, with the addition of a standard turbine to your property, you will be able to harness the power of renewable natural energy and reduce your energy costs.

The Simple Design

Another great feature of this unique electrical generator is its design, which makes use of a two-dimensional structure that is much simpler than that of the standard turbine. Instead of using a shaft to connect the motor to the generator, Tesla utilizes a series of vertical disks that are connected to the motor via a series of gears. This allows the power generated by the motor to be distributed throughout the disks as necessary, rather than being focused on a single point. This leads to greater reliability, as well as the ability to operate your household appliances and commercial equipment while the turbines are operating.

Tesla Turbine Generator Vs. Standard Turbines

There are many advantages to using a Tesla turbine generator instead of a standard turbine. One of the most notable advantages is that a standard turbine is limited by the speed of airflow in your area. As soon as the blades become overheated they simply will not work as well anymore and will lose their power output. However, with Tesla turbines, the blades will continue to operate at full output even when the air temperatures outside your house begin to turn cold.

Why You Should Consider Tesla Turbine Generator

For those who want to reduce their energy costs while providing clean energy, there is no better option than using a high quality, low-cost system such as the Tesla turbine generator. In addition to being extremely safe and reliable, these electrical generators are also made to last for years. Because of their simple design, you can install them yourself without hiring a contractor. Additionally, they only require basic construction materials, making them easier to install than a standard turbine. When you consider how much money you can save over the life of a Tesla turbine generator, it really just makes sense to invest in one of these safe and efficient devices today.