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Many of us have been questioning the process of reconditioning laptop batteries. This is because we all know how reliable laptops can be when it comes to power and performance. But with that said, we also know how hard it can be to recondition them if you are not careful. We want to show you how to recondition laptop batteries so that you can be able to take advantage of these powerful machines.

Understanding The Internal Components to Recondition Laptop Batteries

Make sure you understand their internal components before you try to learn how to recondition laptop batteries, . A common mistake made by inexperienced users is to overcharge and then charge the battery again using another charger. This is a very common error because your battery's life cycle depends on how well you do your charging and discharging. For more information of how to recondition laptop batteries, as we always recommend that you follow expert reviews on the internet.

5 Simple Steps to Recondition Laptop Batteries

Step #1. Remove the power adaptor and then take out the battery

You should only remove the power adaptor since this is what will help you in determining if the battery is still safe. This is very important because you do not want to damage your laptop batteries. Be sure to remove them carefully.

Step #2. Open the laptop

Do not attempt to remove the battery while it is still in the case. This might cause harm to the internal elements. Once you've removed the casing, there would be wires inside that you need to detach. If you don't know how to disconnect the wires, you can use your charger or laptop manuals.

Step #3. Identify the best place to connect it

For example, if you are using a charger for your laptop, you will want to use the same charger to charge it up and connect it to the special members. Then connect the special members to the laptop batteries. Usually, the car battery is connected to the bottom of the laptop. Once the connection is done, you can now recondition the laptop batteries.

Step #4. Wait for the complete discharge of the old battery

Before connecting the new battery to the system, wait for the complete discharge of the old battery. How long this process will take? It depends on the type of laptop battery, its capacity and age. Usually, the full discharge or complete memory effect of the old batteries take five to ten minutes. If you notice any change in the discharge or memory effect of the batteries after waiting for the complete discharge or memory effect, then replace the batteries with new ones. However, do not forget to read the warnings of your laptop manufacturer regarding batteries and the proper usage.

Step #5. Find the right charger that can charge your batteries

In case of rechargeable batteries like the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer, you can choose from the various types of chargers available. Charge and discharge modes are also available for some batteries. You need to determine which mode can charge your batteries well and at the same time, it can help prevent memory effect or voltage depletion while charging.

A laptop is a special device that needs proper charging and discharging to work efficiently. If you are fond of taking long trips or travel, then you should consider recharging your batteries instead of traveling with empty batteries. This is especially true when you are about to charge or discharge your laptop's battery for the first time. Memory effect or voltage depletion can significantly affect the performance of your equipment, especially if it is a sensitive device. Thus, in order to avoid voltage depletion or memory effect, make sure that you use the right charger.

Want to learn more methods to recondition laptop batteries?

Watch the following video below about DIY laptop battery repair or you can check out this ultimate guide that teaches you how to recondition your old dead laptop batteries (and almost any kinds of batteries) and bring them back to life again. Beside that, by having this great skills you can build a good business offering battery reconditioning service in your local community too.