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Embedding your golf cart or boat for the winter season can be unfortunate as we bid farewell to warmer weather condition in the meantime. You must take the time to make sure every single thing is taken care of before you lock them up in storage, particularly when it comes to their batteries. Appropriate battery maintenance for storage keeps the efficiency of your batteries and prolongs their lifespan.

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Making the effort now to keep your boat or golf cart battery correctly, and to preserve the car itself throughout the off-season, puts you in a much better position to rapidly head back out once again when the weather condition does begin getting good exterior. There are some important things you'll really need to remember about winter season battery storage if you really want to reduce troubles like battery sulfation.

What is Battery Sulfation?

Sulfation happens in a lead acid battery, like those discovered in boats and golf carts, when it is denied of a full charge for prolonged time periods. In sulfation, lead crystals develop on the surface of the battery's lead plates. This can cause bad efficiency and rough starts, and ultimately, the battery will likely stop functioning and need to be changed.

To look for sulfation, get your battery tester and inspect the battery's voltage. If you discover that the voltage shows less than 12.6 volts after a duration of lack of exercise, then this means that it is undercharged. This could be a clear indication that battery sulfation is occurring.

Winter Season Battery Storage Essentials for Golf Cart

When storing your golf cart for the winter season, you'll really want to start by moving it to anywhere it will be saved for the off-season. When in place, completely charge the cart's battery, water it with pure or distilled water, and ensure that every single thing is tidy for the coming months.

Next, examine all the cords and terminals linked to the battery to look for indications of deterioration or other problems. These issues need to be correctly attended to before the golf cart enters into storage, as they will just get worse gradually.

When this regular upkeep has happened, you can be sure that your battery is charged and put the golf cart into storage. You need to examine water levels at least once a month too (if not more regularly) throughout the season to make sure you do not have any surprises awaiting you when spring rolls around.


Winter Season Battery Storage for Marine Boat

When it comes to your marine boat batteries, the winter season storage procedure is a bit distinct. Charge the battery one last time before your boat goes into storage.

Detach all terminals and remove the boat battery for the winter season. Make sure to keep it in a cool, dry area so that the battery does not freeze up on you.

With a boat battery, you'll really want to drip charge it at least once a month, if you can, throughout the off-season. This will really help avoid the battery from instantly releasing itself, extending its general life-span.

And then, all you need to do is wait it out. When spring lastly shows up, you can re-install your battery, get your boat back into the water, and take pleasure in a long time outdoors once again.

Keeping golf cart and marine boat batteries for the winter season isn't a hard procedure, however it is little specified. If you do make it to spring and stress that your battery stopping functioning, you need to take it to an expert and have it inspected out right away.