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If you are looking for an old west-themed book, then you have found it! It is written by a historian and survivalist, Claude Davis, who believe in the practicality of the old ways. It's a book full of ancient wisdom and knowledge that can help you prepare for any disaster. It teaches practical skills from the pioneer days. Is this book for you? Keep on reading to find out! In this review, I'll be looking at what real users have to say about it.

The Lost Ways, written by Claude Davis, is all about unlocking the secrets of our ancestors that could potentially save us in times of distress or uncertainty. The book outlines various strategies from different cultures that range from food storage methods to self-defense tactics. But does it live up to its promises? We'll find out through an analysis of authentic reviews from actual readers!

Overview Of The Book

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a book that speaks to the primal instinct of survival. It's like an ancient map, leading its readers through a journey of self-sufficiency and prepping basics that are essential for any disaster. As you travel down this path, your inner voice will become stronger as you discover tried-and-true methods from history to help protect yourself and loved ones in times of need.

At its core, The Lost Ways is about learning how to be prepared for anything life throws at us. From hunting techniques and food storage strategies to medical remedies without modern medicine - these timeless lessons have been passed on from generation to generation since mankind first existed. Survival skills such as preserving water, making fire with friction and creating improvised shelters out of natural materials are all explored within the pages.

Along with providing useful knowledge, The Lost Ways also offers a sense of liberation to those looking for more freedom in their lives. By understanding the principles outlined here, it can empower individuals who want greater control over their own fate instead of relying solely on external forces outside their domain. With every page read comes another step closer towards independence and self-reliance – two characteristics that embody true power and security in any situation. Ultimately, this book provides readers with the tools they need to unlock hope even when faced with adversity.

Strategies For Food Storage

I recently read "The Lost Ways" by Claude Davis, and it provided me with a wealth of information on effective food storage strategies. The book covers long-term storage, alternate sources, and preservation techniques, all of which are incredibly useful in the event of an emergency.

I found the section on long-term storage to be especially helpful, as it provided detailed instructions on how to ensure stored items would remain safe for months or even years. I also appreciated the coverage of alternate sources, as it helped me to think outside the box when it comes to finding sources of food.

Lastly, the preservation techniques the book discussed were essential for keeping food fresh for longer. All in all, "The Lost Ways" is an excellent resource for anyone looking to properly store food.

Long-Term Storage

When it comes to food storage strategies, one of the most important tips from The Lost Ways is long-term storage. With this method, you can preserve your food for years without having it spoil or go bad. Not only does this help provide a sense of security in case of an emergency, but it also allows for more efficient use of resources and cuts down on waste.

From using salt brining to drying and smoking meats, fruits, and vegetables, there are plenty of ways to store food that have been around since ancient times. Furthermore, The Lost Ways provides detailed instructions on how to build your own emergency kit with items such as charcoal briquettes and large water containers which can be used to make sure all family members stay safe during emergencies.

This book helps readers understand that they don’t need modern technology or fancy gadgets to survive; knowledge about various methods of food preservation will serve them well despite any crisis situation. By equipping yourself with the proper tools and techniques described in The Lost Ways, you can rest assured knowing that you’re prepared for whatever may come your way.

Alternate Sources

In addition to long-term storage, The Lost Ways dives into alternate sources of food that can provide additional security during an emergency. One way is through urban farming and growing edible plants in your own backyard or on a balcony if you live in the city.

Not only does this help reduce expenses since you’re not buying store-bought produce, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens there will always be a source of fresh food available.

The book provides instructions on how to get started with urban farming as well as which types of edible plants are best for various climates. With these strategies, you can save money while ensuring everyone in the family has access to nutritious meals.

Furthermore, learning about different methods of cooking wild game and preserving meats such as drying and smoking can also give readers ideas on other ways they can make use of their stored foods by combining them with ingredients from nature. By taking the time to learn about these skills now, individuals can guarantee their survival even during tough times like those faced by our ancestors.

Preservation Techniques

The Lost Ways also provides readers with an in-depth look at preservation techniques, which are essential for long-term food storage. It covers traditional methods such as salting and fermenting, as well as more modern technology like vacuum sealing and freeze drying. These strategies can help keep your stored items fresh and edible even after months of being packed away. In addition to providing instructions on how to preserve different types of food, the book emphasizes the importance of learning these skills now so that you’ll be prepared if an emergency arises.

By taking the time to understand both traditional and modern preservation techniques, individuals can ensure their survival during difficult times by having a reliable source of nourishment available. Plus, knowing how to properly store items will help extend the shelf life of any foods you purchase from the store or grow yourself - giving you peace of mind no matter what happens!

Self-Defense Techniques

The Lost Ways review provides readers with a comprehensive overview of self-defense techniques. With the right knowledge, anyone can become well-prepared for any emergency situation. Here are just some of the things readers will learn in this section:

  • How to handle firearms responsibly and effectively
  • Strategies for protecting oneself against attackers and intruders
  • Tips on how to stay safe while living off grid or during an emergency preparedness situation
  • The importance of keeping one’s environment secure from potential harm
  • Techniques that work best when dealing with criminals and dangerous situations

This book is essential reading for anyone looking to develop their own personal safety strategies. It offers practical advice on everything from proper firearm handling to defending oneself against assailants and intruders. Readers will also gain valuable insight into staying safe off grid or during times of disaster.

Learning how to protect yourself and your family should be a priority, no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead. The Lost Ways review provides invaluable information on various methods of self-protection that could prove life-saving under certain circumstances.

Having the know-how when it comes to these kinds of skills is absolutely crucial in today's world, especially when considering the fact that there are so many unpredictable elements out there. Knowing what steps need to be taken if ever faced with danger can make all the difference between life and death.

With The Lost Ways review by real user as a guide, readers have access to reliable guidance on how best to prepare themselves for such scenarios—providing them with peace of mind in uncertain times. Moving onto tips for building shelter...

Tips For Building Shelter

After learning some ways to defend ourselves against threats, it's time to focus on building shelter. Ironically enough, many of the same skills needed for self-defense can also be used when constructing a safe haven from natural disasters or other emergencies. Survival kits and emergency plans are essential tools in preparing for any eventuality.

The first step is gathering materials that will provide comfort and safety. From insulation material such as leaves, dirt, and straws to items like tarps, tents, and sleeping bags – having these items ready ahead of time can make living outdoors more bearable during difficult times. Having an emergency plan with steps clearly outlined helps ensure one is prepared for whatever may come their way.

Taking the necessary precautions before disaster strikes allows us to survive even if resources become scarce. It’s important not just to prepare our environment but also our mindsets so we can adapt quickly and resourcefully in unexpected situations. With this knowledge in hand, we're now better suited to move onto primitive cooking methods which will help sustain us during tough times.

Primitive Cooking Methods

I recently read a book called The Lost Ways which gave an interesting insight into primitive cooking methods. Outdoors cooking was a key focus, with instructions on how to use fire, natural ingredients, and stone tools to prepare meals.

Fire starting was especially impressive; the author showed various techniques for kindling a flame without modern supplies. Stone tools were also discussed, with methods for creating and using them for food preparation. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the content, and would highly recommend The Lost Ways to anyone interested in primitive cooking methods.

Outdoor Cooking

One of the most enlightening chapters in The Lost Ways is about primitive outdoor cooking. It covers foraging techniques, wilderness navigation and other primitive methods used to survive in the wild with just a few items.

These skills have been practiced for centuries by our ancestors but are often forgotten or overlooked today. Yet, these tried-and-true methods can be incredibly empowering— especially when you find yourself deep in the woods without modern resources. This chapter offers an array of helpful tips that anyone interested in learning more about traditional outdoor cooking should read up on.

In this chapter, readers will learn how to start a fire without matches, build their own clay ovens and even craft tools from natural materials found around them using only stones and sticks! Additionally, there’s detailed advice on how to prepare meals over open flames as well as guidance on gathering food sources such as plants, insects and small game animals. All of this information provides valuable insight into how humans managed to survive before the invention of technology— it's fascinating stuff!

The Lost Ways gives readers access to ancient knowledge they won't find anywhere else; it truly brings history alive through its storytelling approach and delivers easy-to-understand instructions so anyone can feel confident trying out these old-school survival methods themselves. With clear illustrations throughout, this book could easily become your go-to guide for all things related to primitive cooking outdoors.

Fire Starting

Fire starting is another integral part of primitive cooking and The Lost Ways doesn't disappoint here. From rubbing sticks together to using friction-based methods, readers will be able to learn all the basics they need to make a fire without matches or lighters. Plus, there are step-by-step instructions on how to craft primitive tools like bow drills from natural materials found in nature - this really opens up an array of ignition sources that can help you get your fire going!

It's truly empowering for anyone looking to gain freedom from modern technology and move towards self-reliance. With clear visuals throughout, readers won’t have any trouble learning these time-tested techniques; it’s easy enough for even complete beginners to understand. All in all, The Lost Ways provides invaluable insight into our ancestors' survival skills and can give us confidence when faced with challenging wilderness scenarios.

Stone Tools

The Lost Ways doesn't just stop at fire starting, but also provides readers with the knowledge of how to make primitive tools from stone. With clear visuals and step-by-step instructions on crafting things like arrowheads and axes, you'll be able to take advantage of all that nature has to offer! Plus, there are detailed explanations about which stones work best for different tasks; this ensures users will have the confidence they need when it comes time to get crafty.

It's a great way to gain freedom from modern technology while still being able to create useful items in the wild. Furthermore, understanding these skills can give us greater insight into our ancestors' lives and their resourcefulness with limited materials. All in all, The Lost Ways is an incredible book - allowing us access to secrets of survival that have been hidden away for centuries.

Natural Remedies And Medicinal Herbs

The Lost Ways dives into the world of natural remedies and medicinal herbs, teaching readers how to wild harvest and make herbal remedies. This section is packed with resources to help readers become more self-sufficient and independent in their quest for health and wellness.

Throughout this chapter, Claude Davis explains various methods of preparation when it comes to creating a wide range of homemade herbal medicines. He focuses on popular plants that are found growing in many gardens or can be located in the wild with relative ease - such as Sage, Yarrow, Mint, Wormwood, Arnica, Burdock Root, Dandelion leaf and much more! Alongside these methods for sourcing ingredients are detailed instructions for storage so that the harvested materials will last longer.

This book also offers useful advice about dosage recommendations for both adults and children alike; providing clear guidance on which treatments should be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding as well as what symptoms each herb applies best to.

By reading The Lost Ways, you’ll gain an understanding of how traditional tribal societies used plants medicinally over thousands of years – knowledge that could come in handy if healthcare access becomes limited someday. With all this information at hand, you’ll have powerful tools available to keep your loved ones healthy.

Learning strategies for hunting and fishing is the next step towards achieving true independence.

Strategies For Hunting And Fishing

The Lost Ways provides an in-depth exploration of hunting and fishing strategies. It gives readers a detailed look at the primitive tools used to trap and kill game, such as snares and traps. Additionally, it outlines different trapping techniques for all types of animals, from small birds to large mammals, making sure that no prey is out of reach.

Furthermore, The Lost Ways teaches readers how to build their own primitive equipment with easy instructions on crafting bows, spears, knives and fish hooks with accessible materials like wood or stone. All instruction is clearly laid out so even novice hunters can easily follow along. This book offers something for everyone regardless of skill level; veteran outdoorsmen will find valuable insight while beginners can benefit from its comprehensive approach to survival methods.

By understanding these ancient practices, readers gain access to knowledge they wouldn't normally be able to acquire – allowing them the freedom of self-reliance and preparedness against any emergency situation. With this newfound confidence comes a sense of liberation that only true independence can bring. Moving forward in this journey towards empowerment requires learning about animal husbandry – the next step in achieving total autonomy over one’s fate.

Animal Husbandry

Raising livestock is a skill that's been around for centuries, and 'The Lost Ways' really brings that knowledge to life in an interesting and informative way. It covers breeding animals, feeding and care, and other essential topics for anyone looking to get into animal husbandry. I found the book to be packed with useful information and tips, it's clear the author knows what he's talking about.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in raising their own animals. I found the information on breeding animals to be particularly helpful, and I think the book offers a great base of knowledge for anyone looking to get into animal husbandry. The section on feeding and care was also comprehensive and gave me a greater understanding of how to look after my animals. All in all, 'The Lost Ways' is an excellent resource for animal husbandry.

Raising Livestock

Raising livestock is a crucial part of animal husbandry, and The Lost Ways provides an invaluable resource on the topic. With sustainable grazing techniques for cattle and natural fencing solutions, author Claude Davis explains how to keep your animals healthy and productive in any setting or circumstance.

His advice covers everything from construction tips to nutrition requirements -- all written with his signature no-nonsense approach that guarantees results. Plus, it's easy to follow along as he demonstrates these principles through real life examples taken directly from his own experiences.

This book truly gives you the confidence to take control of raising livestock, enabling self-sufficiency while providing valuable insight into keeping them safe and secure. All in all, The Lost Ways is essential reading when it comes to learning how to raise livestock sustainably and effectively.

Breeding Animals

Similarly, The Lost Ways also provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to breeding animals. With the help of Claude Davis's foraging techniques and fire starting skills, you can easily find the best specimens from your herd and produce healthy offspring. He explains in detail how to safely pair up livestock with one another while avoiding overstocking, as well as offering advice on providing optimal nutrition for pregnant animals.

Furthermore, he discusses ways to make sure that animal births go smoothly and shares his own experiences regarding caring for new borns after they arrive. In short, this book is packed full of useful tips that will allow anyone to become an expert at breeding animals and ensuring their overall health and wellbeing.

Feeding And Care

In 'The Lost Ways', Claude Davis provides a wealth of knowledge for feeding and caring for animals, both in the wild and at home. He shares his own experiences with harvesting water from nature, as well as providing advice on how to best use these resources without overstocking or depleting your supplies too quickly.

Additionally, he covers topics such as foraging techniques, which are essential when it comes to finding food sources that are safe and nutritious for your livestock. This information is invaluable to anyone who desires liberation through animal husbandry, since proper nutrition will give their animals the strength and health they need to thrive. By using this book's tips you can guarantee that all creatures under your care will be kept healthy and happy while allowing them to live freely in harmony with nature.

Preparing For Natural Disasters

The Lost Ways provides an invaluable resource for preparing for natural disasters. The book takes readers through several strategies to ensure they are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, including water purification and communication methods.

In terms of water purification, the text explains how to access clean drinking water from a variety of sources such as rainwater harvesting systems and underground springs. It also outlines various techniques that can be used to safely store large amounts of safe-to-drink liquid in case of emergency shortages.

When it comes to communication, The Lost Ways explores alternative means of staying connected with family and friends during times when traditional infrastructure is unavailable or unreliable. This includes setting up “ham radios” to transmit messages over long distances, using smoke signals and even tapping into other forms of energy like solar power. All these measures help guarantee that people stay informed in the event something unexpected happens.

Overall, this guide offers useful information on ways to plan ahead should disaster strike without warning. With its comprehensive coverage of topics ranging from food preservation methods to tips on building shelters out of natural materials, The Lost Ways is sure to provide every reader with peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will remain safe no matter what life throws at them.

Strategies For Dealing With Stress

Having a survival plan is essential when preparing for natural disasters, but it’s also important to prepare mentally and emotionally. Mental health is key in the face of stressful situations, and The Lost Ways provides readers with strategies to deal with stress.

According to recent statistics, almost one-third of Americans experience extreme levels of stress due to pandemics or other global events. This can have a far-reaching impact on an individual's mental wellbeing and their ability to cope with day-to-day life.

The Lost Ways offers advice on how to develop skills that will help people manage stress more effectively during times of upheaval. It encourages readers to practice self awareness by recognizing feelings of anxiety and working through them rather than ignoring them.

Additionally, the book includes information about how learning new survival skills like growing food or building shelters can provide relief from feeling overwhelmed. This approach allows readers to gain control over their lives in difficult times while restoring confidence in themselves as capable problem solvers.

One particularly significant section focuses on developing community resilience which involves creating support systems among family members and friends who are able to lean on each other during tough times. By connecting with others in this way, individuals become better equipped to handle crises without losing sight of what really matters: maintaining positive relationships despite challenging circumstances. As such, The Lost Ways helps readers understand why mental preparedness should be just as crucial as physical readiness when facing uncertain futures.

Building Community Resilience

The Lost Ways provides an in-depth look at the importance of building community resilience. It presents a comprehensive overview of survival psychology and examines how humans can use distress signaling to communicate when isolated from others. The book encourages readers to think beyond their individual needs and consider the well-being of their communities as a whole, emphasizing that collective strength is key for long-term success in times of crisis.

Rather than relying solely on technology or government systems for protection, The Lost Ways advises turning to history for guidance and harnessing traditional wisdom as a means of creating resilient societies. By examining ancient cultures around the world who have survived against all odds, readers gain insight into what it takes to develop strong foundations within local communities and prepare them for any future catastrophes they may face.

The Lost Ways helps bridge the gap between contemporary society and its forgotten past by offering practical advice on ways to build relationships with neighbors and create self-sufficient networks while avoiding dependence on outside forces. Through this exploration, readers become empowered with essential tools required for weathering life’s storms – both figuratively and literally. This leads seamlessly into discussing user reviews which are often seen as a valuable source of information about products or services.

User Reviews

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is an absolute must-have for any serious prepper. It provides a trove of information on emergency preparedness, sustainable living and survival techniques that could easily save your life in the event of a disaster or calamity. The book is filled with detailed instructions and illustrations to help you prepare for anything from natural disasters to economic collapse.

In this comprehensive guide, readers will find instruction on how to build their own food storage system using ancient methods; grow their own crops using traditional gardening techniques; set up self-sustaining systems that use renewable resources like solar power, wind energy and water purification; store water without electricity; make healing remedies from herbs found in nature; build shelters out of materials available right at home; and much more!

This incredible resource is not only invaluable for those looking to survive off the grid but also offers countless tips on how to live more sustainably day-to-day:

  • Identifying edible plants growing wild outdoors
  • Learning basic carpentry skills to create furniture or repairs tools
  • Setting traps for small game animals
  • Building fire pits and campfires safely
  • Collecting rainwater for drinking purposes

The Lost Ways provides essential knowledge about surviving in our ever-changing world - no matter what type of emergency situation arises. Highly recommended!

Pros And Cons

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis, is a comprehensive guide to acquiring the survival skills that are essential for any prepper. This book provides an in-depth look into the basics of prepping and teaches readers how to be more prepared for whatever life throws at them. From learning about the importance of having emergency food storage to understanding the power of natural remedies and staying away from modern medicine, this book covers all aspects of prepping in great detail.

One thing that stands out about The Lost Ways is its focus on teaching practical skills rather than just providing theoretical knowledge. For example, it explains why storing grains instead of canned food is important in times of crisis and even gives detailed instructions for constructing a smokehouse with primitive materials. In addition, Claude Davis’s vast experience as an outdoorsman and hunter makes him especially qualified to impart these crucial survival techniques to his readers.

Reading The Lost Ways can provide anyone with invaluable insights into how they should prepare themselves for potential disasters or other unexpected events. Its clear and concise writing style makes complex topics easy to understand while also conveying a sense of urgency when discussing the importance of being ready for anything. By arming readers with real-world strategies for surviving tough situations, The Lost Ways serves as an excellent resource for anyone looking to become better equipped for their own personal safety. With this in mind, let us now take a closer look at what kind of price comparison exists across different retailers.

Price Comparison

The Lost Ways is an absolute steal! With prices that are far below the market trends, you can be sure your hard-earned money isn’t going to waste. The cost savings alone make this product worth every penny - or in this case every dollar. You won't find another guide with such a comprehensive collection of survival knowledge and techniques for such a low price.

In addition to being a great value, The Lost Ways also provides readers with step-by-step instructions that put the power of preparedness into their own hands. It gives readers access to time proven methods without leaving them out in the cold when it comes to modern day skills. No matter what level of experience one has, they will find something useful from this book.

The amount of content packed into this affordable program makes it impossible not to recommend. For those looking for reliable advice on how to survive any emergency situation while saving money along the way, The Lost Ways is definitely worth checking out. Transitioning now towards examining its conclusion...


The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is an incredible read. It provides readers with a variety of insight into the importance of emergency planning, particularly in relation to preparing for long-term threats or disasters. Not only does it provide practical advice on how to prepare for emergencies, but it also offers an interesting look at what a culture shift would be like if people were to become more self-sufficient and independent from technological devices and services.

This book has been praised for being both educational and entertaining. The well-researched information is presented in a way that’s easy to digest, making this book accessible to readers from all backgrounds. Furthermore, the stories interspersed throughout add depth and life to the content, creating an engaging experience for the reader.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Learning about various survival techniques used by our ancestors before modern conveniences
  • Becoming aware of potential hazards and understanding how best to respond accordingly
  • Gaining knowledge on how to start building your own food reserves while reducing waste

Overall, The Lost Ways delivers valuable lessons in emergency preparedness as well as providing thought provoking ideas which stimulate conversations around culture change. Highly recommended reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Book Available In Other Languages?

The Lost Ways has been a popular success amongst readers from all over the world, but is it available in any other language besides English? The answer is yes. While cultural differences and language barriers can make accessing literature from different countries difficult, The Lost Ways has bridged the gap by offering versions of its book translated into Spanish, French, German and Italian. This makes it ideal for anyone looking to break down the walls caused by linguistic diversity and experience this powerful story regardless of their background or native tongue.

What Is The Author's Background?

The Lost Ways author Claude Davis is a renowned researcher in the fields of survival skills and self sufficiency. His expertise stems from his extensive knowledge of both ancient and modern survival techniques, which he has gathered over many years as an avid outdoorsman. Throughout his career, Davis has published numerous articles for scientific journals and magazines about various topics related to emergency preparedness.

He also authored several books on the same subject matter that have become popular among readers interested in becoming more self-sufficient and learning basic survival skills. With his vast experience and understanding of these concepts, Davis provides invaluable insight into The Lost Ways that can help anyone achieve liberation from dependence on society’s norms.

How Long Does It Take To Read The Book?

Reading The Lost Ways doesn't require a huge time commitment. Despite the length of the book, it is an easy and pleasant read that you can finish in no time at all. Many readers have reported being able to get through this book quickly yet still absorbing its important lessons, making it great for those looking for liberation from their current lifestyle without sacrificing too much precious time.

Does The Book Provide Tips For Living Off The Grid?

In The Lost Ways, readers will find a wealth of valuable tips and knowledge for living off the grid. This book provides an in-depth look at prepper mindset, including survival skills such as food storage methods and how to purify water safely. Written with an engaging style that appeals to those who have a subconscious desire for liberation, it's perfect for anyone looking to take their preparedness plans to the next level.

Are There Online Resources Available To Supplement The Book?

Storing supplies and becoming self-sufficient can be a daunting task for many, but the help of The Lost Ways book has made it easier for thousands. According to reviews from real users, this best-selling guide offers online resources that are designed to supplement the various tips and techniques laid out in its pages. For those looking to break away from their reliance on modern conveniences, these tools provide invaluable information about storing supplies and achieving true self sufficiency.

Overall, The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a comprehensive guide to living off the grid. It’s written in an easy-to-follow format that makes it accessible for readers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Its tips are invaluable for anyone looking to become self-sufficient and its resources are as vast as they are useful – like a treasure trove found at the bottom of the ocean. Plus, with translations available in multiple languages, there’s something here for everyone!

This book will be like a breath of fresh air for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life; providing them with valuable insight into how our ancestors managed to survive without today's comforts. I can confidently recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their lifestyle back into their own hands.

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