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"The Lost Ways" is a survival handbook that has actually produced a fantastic offer of buzz online. Interested in the subject for numerous years now, I felt it was time for me to really read it and chime in with my own take.

If you are looking for an old west-themed book, then you have found it! It is written by a historian and survivalist, Claude Davis, who believe in the practicality of the old ways. It teaches practical skills from the pioneer days. Is this book for you? Find out in this Lost Ways Book Review.

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What Is The Lost Ways All About?

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a book that presents a question and then addresses it through solutions, including detailed guides. The question is what do you do if the modern-day benefits that you consider approved suddenly disappear? What is your first relocation? How long do you believe you can make it through? As Mike Tyson famously stated, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

Author Davis covers the procedures you can take today so that you are in the best possible position to survive the worst scenario that ever occur. It likewise examines the steps you need to follow in the minutes, days and weeks after.

Who is the Author?

The Lost Ways Book is a practical guide to survival. It is written by Claude Davis, an educator and survivalist. The book covers a variety of topics, including water preservation, shelter building, and Native American nutrition. Davis's goal is to educate readers about the many skills they need to survive in a natural disaster.

Besides being a survival guide, The Lost Ways also covers edible plants and recipes. It also explains how to grow these plants, harvest them, and store them. It also teaches you how to make a water wheel, which can provide you with water in an emergency. This can help you stay healthy and energized in a harrowing situation.

Who is Claude Davis? This is an important question considering that the review tells you whether The Lost Ways actually deserves your money and time. Davis is a historian and in particular a professional on the Old West. He is also a survivalist with more than 15 years of useful experience.

Davis has a fascinating point of view on contemporary life, which is that the old ways-- as in the days of the pioneer-- are much better. Whether you agree with that facility, what makes Davis and his works fascinating is that he takes his knowledge on practical knowledge from that time duration and teaches it in a way that the modern-day person can put it to use.

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The Lost Ways Book in a Nutshell

The focus of The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is learning how to make it through from our predecessors: both the American pioneer and the Native American. The three core centerpieces-- or kernels-- are:

Kernel # 1: Food and Herbs

The book deals so much with getting food and water and storing it using tools and methods the leader had offered. It likewise talks about herbs for medicinal purposes, such as obtaining and growing wild lettuce, which is a natural painkiller effective for headaches, arthritis and so forth.

Kernel # 2: Shelter

Davis talks about shelter exhaustively. Subjects vary from the makeshift lean-tos that will help you make do to the product getting and construction methods for cabins and other irreversible structures.

Kernel # 3: Survival Techniques

Interspersed throughout those primary topics are kernels of details on survival, such as how to filter filthy water, develop bullets, maintain meat and so on all with the natural products you have offered.

Complimentary Books

Among the cool aspects of purchasing The Lost Ways survival guide, which is the author's most popular book, is that you receive 3 more books from Davis at no added fee. Although I did not make the initial purchase with the perks in mind, they added a significant amount of value in the end.

Complimentary # 1: "What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard"

As the title suggests, this book explores what a survivalist must grow in his/her garden. It supplies details on planting and organizing the vegetables and herbs, growing them and securing them. While it covers staples like beans and sweet potato, it also works as rather of a companion to the main book because it covers less obvious plants discussed in it, such as wild lettuce as a pain reliever.

Complimentary # 2: "How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way"

This book checks out much of the information talked about in The Lost Ways however does it through a really specific lens: an EMP doomsday circumstance. While the primary book is a better read in general, this handbook is however thought-provoking and expands on much the recommendations by putting it into a various context.

Complimentary # 3: "Building Your Own Can Rotation System"

The book I never knew I needed however ended up caring and reading multiple times. I keep a supply of cans, water and other perishables just for typical emergency situations not to mention true survival, and it has constantly been a trouble. The methods provided by Davis were right away useful to me, which eventually motivated to follow this guide and build my own can rotator, which did not take long and cost me less than $100.

Who is The Lost Ways Book Suitable For?

The Lost Ways Book is best for people who want to improve their survival skills. It is not for people who are lazy or unmotivated. Rather, it's for people who are new to survivalism and want to learn some of the skills needed to survive in a natural disaster. It's available in both hard copy and digital format. However, the hard copy comes with extras.

I think this is a book that just simply you can enjoy from the beginning. Even if you have no plans to be a survivalist and will not act on the recommendations, Davis will present you to interesting concepts that you have never thought about before. That said, this is above all else a really practical book.

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The Pros

Regardless of the wealth of details, this is an easy read. I have actually read a number of survival guides that anticipated you to invest a quantity of money that a typical person like me simply did not have. I think it is the leader angle used throughout the book that actually resonated with me the most.

The Cons

As discussed previously, the info dumps can be a bit extreme, and there were times I put the book down due to the fact that I needed a psychological breather. Likewise, what I enjoyed about the book worked against it at times for me. Whatever is composed from the viewpoint that you live a true survivalist way of life. I, on the other hand, do not live off the grid. I am simply a regular person thinking about this topic in case I need to help my household endure, and there are times in the book where it feels as if Davis is not talking with me.

What Customers Are Saying About The Lost Ways Book

I would state that reception for The Lost Ways book is mixed favoring beneficial, and I knew this entering because I had researched it a bit before purchasing it. Readers who like it truly like it. My sensation about this is that individuals take pleasure in the view of homesteading abilities through the lens of contemporary survival. I have read a number of books in this genre at this moment and none that are rather like this.

There are some genuine issues with the book that are deal-breakers for some critics. The book lacks a glossary, which I concur is a regrettable oversight. A number of the lost ways book reviews that are unfavorable cite inconsistencies, such as Davis pointing out that some related details is found on a certain page or in a particular chapter only to discover that the details are not there but rather somewhere else.

Secret Takeaways From The Lost Ways

Claude Davis is a fascinating individual with interesting things to state along with ability and experience that translate to true insight. There are more than 300 pages in the book, and at no point did any of it feel like filler. As I have actually discussed earlier, there is so much details that at times it overwhelms.

My Favorite Chapters

  • Cast Iron Cooking
  • How Our Ancestors Made Herbal Poultices ...
  • How Our Ancestors Navigated Without Using a GPS System
  • Hot Smokin'!
  • How to Make Tasty Bread Like in 1869

There are lots of excellent chapters in the book. These are five that actually stood out to me. Maybe not remarkably, these are all chapters with details that I could and have taken into usage right away. In fact, my next task will be to change my old smoker with cold and hot ones I build by hand.

How to Purchase The Lost Ways Book

The best way to purchase this book is straight through While you can find the book secondhand elsewhere, you do not receive the 3 extra books. Through the main site, you have numerous options: digital book, physical book or both.

The Lost Ways Book Review-- Final Verdict

I read frequently. I rarely read a book twice any longer, however I have read through The Lost Ways twice and continue to refer back to it. The hardbound is on my shelf, but the e-book is now completely annotated. I have checked out many excellent survival books-- bad ones too-- by the similarity Cody Lundin and Jim Cobb, and I rank this book by Claude Davis among them. I think the leader perspective is actually what sets this read apart from the others and is why it deserves an area on your shelf and amongst your collection.

I highly recommend The Lost Ways for anyone who wants to learn more about survival and self-reliance. Its author Claude Davis is a historian and an Old West expert. Besides teaching you how to survive in a harsh environment, he is also a survivalist and believes that the "old ways" are still better than modern methods. This book is not for everyone and will require a considerable amount of time.

The Lost Ways is available in a variety of formats, including digital and printed books. It is constantly updated and includes free bonuses. If you choose a digital book, you can return it for a refund. Customers who purchase the digital version are also able to enjoy the same access to bonuses as those who purchase the printed version.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the 3 most typical concerns I experienced when researching prior to purchase and continued to see throughout the process of composing my own review of The Lost Ways.

1. Is The Lost Ways a Scam?

At any rate, I am not sure how a book could be a fraud. That said, if you are concerned, take comfort in understanding that the book comes with a 60-day money-back warranty.

2. Has the Lost Ways Been Well Received by Critics?

If you limit evaluations to expert critics who work for magazines and sites of interest to survivalists, then yes, the book was very well gotten when it was first published in 2015. A variety of tuned-in journalists at the time lauded it for the hands-on guidance it offered when it pertained to saving water, foraging for food, utilizing traps for food, building shelter in the brief and long term and so on.

3. Is The Lost Ways Website Reliable?

Numerous individuals have purchased their digital and physical books without problem. Try The Lost Ways (Official Website) By Claude Davis Special Offer

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