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The amount of electrical energy we use will only increase in the future. Why hesitate to get started when you can start saving money and our earth right now? Electricity costs are steadily ascending. You can easily cut these costs by making your homemade solar energy. Solar panels are a renewable source of energy which is very cheap and effective.

By building the solar panels anyone can save hundreds of dollars a month for the rest of your life and they will help in reducing the usage of fossil fuels which helps in reducing the pollution. Solar Energy originates from the thermonuclear fusion reactions occurring in the sun. Solar Panel is responsible to collect solar radiations and transform into electrical energy.

Choosing solar energy to power your home is a great way of saving money and anyone can build a solar panel without any technical skills. By learning how to make solar panel you will find a great way to convert power from the sun into energy. Read our brief review of a great guide to build home solar power at home called DIY Home Energy System by Jeff Davis.

Simple Steps on How to Build Solar Panels

Before you start, please prepare the following components required: Solar cells, Plywood, Plexiglass, Tin Wire, Silicon, Soldering Iron, Solder, Rosin Flux Pen, UV protector, Batteries and Volt Meter. Let's get started and follow this step by step on how to build solar panels!

Step 1: Cut the Plywood.

Cut the plywood to the right shape and size so that your solar cell fits completely on the plywood. There are a lot of solar cells you can purchase from the market. The best option to buy is polycrystalline cells. The number of Solar cells you want basically depends on your solar panel size. Normally 80 solar cell generates 100 Watts of power.

Step 2: Apply UV Protector and Flux Pen.

Apply UV protector coats to plywood. It makes the plywood more durable and helps in preventing wear and tear of plywood. After applying the UV protector, draw with a flux pen around the solder which helps in keeping the wiring down.

Step 3: Combine Solar Cells with Plywood.

But before the connection of plywood with the cells, solder together all wiring and cells which helps in connecting the cells. After the connection of the rows, you have to attach the rows by using the wire. After that attach the cells with the plyboard with the help of silicon. Use silicon in a less quantity.

Step 4: Connect the Wires and Create a Border.

Drill holes in the plywood so that the wires can go through. Also, around the plywood make a border that covers your panel. Silicon should be used to as an adhesive which helps in preventing any water leakage from the borders of the panel.

Step 5: Connect Plexiglass with the Border.

Plexiglass is a transparent acrylic plastic that often used in place of glass. Connect Plexiglass with the borders which will be able to cover the panel. Again use the silicon. After the previous step, you have to screw the plexiglass with the plywood for adding support. Keep in mind that the holes which you drill should be smaller than the screws so that it will not loose in future.

Step 6: Wire Your Panel to the Battery.

Connect the final wire to a diode. A diode is a semiconductor with two terminals that allows the flow of current in one direction. After that connect your panel to a charge controller and then connect the charge controller to your batteries. Use the batteries. Once you have the batteries connected you can run your electronics appliances from the batteries.

Step 7: Moisture Prevention.

Moisture can go into the panel whether your cells are completely sealed. So it is very important to prevent the moisture to save your Solar Panel drill a hole at the bottom of the panel which helps in passing the air and helps in preventing the moisture.


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You can save electricity and your money by applying solar panels. It is very easy to make a solar panel. After making solar panel you can power anything that runs on DC current and you can also charge your car and bike batteries and many more.

Making Solar panel can be a great learning experience. You don't need any special skills or knowledge for making the solar panel. We have a brief review of a great guide that will help you in making the panel and build solar power at home. You can watch it here.