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Do you have an idea of what kind of landscaping you want in your backyard? There are many ways to create the landscape you want, but it’s always nice to add your own personal touch and be creative with it. Whether you’re trying to pay homage to the architecture of your home or just trying to make something memorable, there are so many options out there that can inspire you and make it easier than ever to create an outdoor space that really captures the essence of your home. Here are some simple tips on how DIY landscaping can create harmony from home to garden!

DIY Landscaping to Create Harmony

As our homes become a more and more open plan, there is a growing trend to blur any lines between indoor and outdoor space. Our garden areas are often spaces we can use freely, where we can live in harmony with nature. But getting started on DIY landscaping projects can be a tricky business. Here’s how you can create a homely feel for your garden by harmonizing it with your existing style.

DIY Architecture Inspired Ideas

Architecture and home design go hand in hand. For example, if you have a modern house, why not try and create a modern garden? If you have classic furniture, choose plants that complement them as opposed to ones that clash with them. This can be easy, but it requires careful consideration. You don’t want your outdoor space to look out of place just because you didn’t match your greenery with anything else! One way to do it right is by visiting your local DIY store or garden center.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Parking Strip Design Tips

When creating outdoor living spaces, it is important to first consider your home’s design and architectural style. Take inspiration from your home and try to bring that into your garden. Using materials and colors that reflect these styles will help create a design that complements both your home and outdoor living space. Mixing different materials and colors in a garden can make it look cluttered, so it is best practice to stick with 2-3 different styles/colors/materials per project.

Tips on Selecting Materials

When selecting materials for your DIY landscaping project, consider how they’ll look alongside one another. For example, will your pavers match up with your other building materials? Depending on where you live, selecting quality materials may be paramount to avoiding defects — especially if you want to avoid re-doing your DIY landscaping project in a few years.