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Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), a leading global aluminum smelter, has chosen Advanced United Systems (AUS) to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on 37,000 square meters of the company’s property, including car parks and buildings such as the Spent Pot Lining Treatment Plant.

With a capacity of more than 6 megawatts, the project will consist of 11,300 solar panels and is expected to generate 10,539 MWHr per year and reduce carbon emissions by 7,591,760 kilograms annually.

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Alba’s Chairman of the Board, Shaikh Daij bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability and support for Bahrain’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060. The project is set to be completed within 15 months.

Alba’s Chairman of the Board, Shaikh Daij bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa, emphasized the significance of the Solar Panel Farm for the company, stating: “Sustainability is at the core of our Vision, Mission, and Values. This project aligns with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and our commitment to achieving the objectives of Net Zero Emissions by 2060 set by the Crown Prince and Prime Minister at the 26th Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). I believe that the completion of this project will inspire more environmentally responsible initiatives across the Kingdom, increasing the use of clean energy and moving towards a net-zero economy.”

Alba’s CEO, Ali Al Baqali, further commented: “Safety is a top priority at Alba, which is why we have chosen to work with Advanced United Systems to complete this project within 15 months. I also urge all other companies to join the energy transition movement happening in the Kingdom, working together to help Bahrain reach its goal of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2060.”

Alba’s Solar Farm Project

The Solar Farm Project is just one of the many steps Alba is taking as part of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Roadmap to create more sustainable value for its employees and the community.

Alba’s Solar Farm Project is a large-scale solar energy project in Bahrain. The project is being developed by the Aluminum Bahrain (Alba) company, one of the largest aluminum smelters in the world. It aims to generate electricity using solar power to help reduce the company’s dependence on fossil fuels and lower its carbon footprint. The project is expected to have a capacity of around 6 megawatts and it is expected to be completed by 2023.

The Bahrain Alba Solar Farm Project is a large-scale solar energy project that was tendered in November 2021. The project attracted participation from companies based in various countries across the Gulf region.

Site visits were conducted in December 2021 to provide bidders with more information about the project’s specifications and requirements. The project involves the installation of solar PV panels on car parking areas and flat roofs. Bids for the project were submitted in September 2022, and the winning company was announced in January 2023.

Overview of Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C (Alba) – A leading aluminium smelter committed to sustainability

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C (Alba) is a leading aluminium smelter in the world. It was the first aluminium smelter to begin commercial operations in the Middle East, starting in 1971.

Alba also implements various capacity-building initiatives to further increase the nationalization of its workforce. It is one of the first and largest industrial companies in Bahrain. It operates a highly advanced smelter and produces high-quality primary aluminium products, which cater to a wide range of industries.

Alba’s Facility

The Alba facility includes six reduction lines, four cast houses, four carbon plants, a petroleum coke calciner, a seawater desalination plant. There are also 12 fume treatment plants, a marine terminal, three power stations. It also includes a 13-hectare oasis with over 15,000 trees and shrubs, as well as an artificial lake.

Alba has an annual production capacity of over 1.5 million metric tonnes of primary aluminium, which makes it one of the largest smelters in the world.

Commitment to Sustainability and Community

Alba commits to sustainability and environmental protection, as well as social and economic development. The company has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.

For instance, Alba has invested in a number of renewable energy projects, including the Solar Farm Project. It aims to reduce emissions and promote sustainable development. Alba receives numerous awards and certifications such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for its environmental and sustainability efforts.

Alba commits to creating value for its stakeholders. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Alba supports a number of initiatives that aim to improve the lives of the local community. This involves education and training programs, as well as charitable and community projects.

Who is AUS?

Advanced United Systems Co. Ltd (AUS), a Saudi company founded in 2019, specializes in smart grid solutions, energy, and renewable energy services. As a member of the Taj Holding Group, the company works in the solar PV energy sector through significant internal investments.

According to their website, their vision is:

To contribute to Saudi Arabia’s evolution in the energy sector, building economic growth in the sector through the development and deployment of technology while maintaining reliability and quality of life.

To follow this company, you may want to check its website and social media platforms.

Bahrain’s Renewable Energy Plans

Bahrain’s Vision 2030 sets out plans to safeguard the natural environment, decrease carbon emissions, lower pollution, and support sustainable energy. The country’s solar energy sector holds a promising future with the incorporation of new technologies.

Bahrain has set ambitious targets for the production of renewable energy, with the goal of generating 280 megawatts of electricity from renewable sources by 2025, and increasing that amount to 710 megawatts by 2035.

These targets are in line with the country’s overall strategy for promoting sustainable energy and reducing its carbon footprint. These targets will require a significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure, as well as the implementation of policies and incentives to encourage the development of renewable energy projects.

The achievement of these targets will be a major step towards meeting the country’s energy needs while also reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting environmental sustainability.

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