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Have you thought about integrating solar energy into your house? There are so many reasons to go solar today. Solar energy is a green energy source due to the fact that it is an eco-friendly and it does not trigger any harm to the environment. This is attained by converting the sun's rays into electricity with the help of solar cells. 

Recent MIT Study Reveals a Weird Yet Childish-Simple 3D Solar Array That Has Amazingly Powerful Results.



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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Go Solar

1. Non-renewable sources of energy are fast running out, with prices soaring on a regular basis, and most produce lasting negative effects on the health of the planet. The burning of fossil fuels contributes to global warming, and the cost is felt directly in our utility charges. Whether the energy comes from coal, gas or nuclear power plants, the damage to the environment and your bank account can't be ignored.

2. Solar power is available in just about every location where the sun shines, and it will last for as far into the future as you can imagine. The only restriction to this green energy source is the reality that it can just generate power when the weather condition is good and the sun is out.

NASA or the National Aeronautical Space Administration has actually sent out satellites into area that are powered by solar panels. A totally functional airport can operate on its own thanks to solar power even if it is positioned in the middle of the frozen desert.

3. Access to sunlight is free, and increasingly technology makes it easier to convert into the electricity needed for domestic and commercial use. Better photovoltaic cells are more efficient and batteries cheaper and more effective at storage.

Unlike any items, whether fine-tuned or made, the processing of solar energy do not require additional costs of energy to power it up. Other than perhaps for regular examination and replacement of parts (when it uses a mechanical gadget), the tapping of solar energy is essentially maintenance free.

4. As a renewable source of energy, solar power has less effect on the landscape than other forms, such as wind power. Gone are the need for large towers and the associated noise of giant windmills. However the big scale version of solar power system can power a workplace or an entire home. This is done with the help of solar batteries that transform sunshine into electrical power. The smallest ones around can be seen in calculators and watches with large ones planted over big acres of land.

5. In addition to the above, the average home can easily be converted to solar power as part of retrofitting or roof replacement. No special structural strengthening or electrical wiring is needed to use this form of power. You will need a flat pad for the battery housing, but the space it takes up is only a few square feet. The solar panels are light and easily reparable by even an average DIY enthusiast.

6. The only downside is the potential hazards in disposing of the batteries, but in contrast with other power generation methods, the maintenance and servicing costs once installed are minimal. However you will see the remarkable power of solar power. A kilowatt of solar power can produce 5.5 hours of electricity each day. Naturally you will be able to produce enough power to last a number of days if you have more solar cells in place.

7. You can build your own solar power system! Check online for some of the options, and you will be surprised at how simple and economical these will be to construct. This will mean you can reduce your utility bill and take a little control over your own destiny! In a blackout or energy shortage, you'll be much better off with a home solar energy system.

The best thing about solar power is that as more and more domestic users seek out this option, the price of systems continues to fall! They are also becoming more and more efficient and easier to install and maintain.

8. This source of electrical generation has been around for decades and is tried and true in environments as harsh as space itself! Remarkably, small-scale units even work in the harshest climates, coming to life in summers to provide power for fire monitoring in wilderness locations as well as surveying at the earth's poles.

9. Yes, you need the sun to shine for solar energy to work. But even on semi-cloudy days enough power can be generated for the average home demands in most locations and seasons. Because they are relatively lightweight, solar panels can be used by remote locations because transportation of the materials is relatively cheap and simple. Just find a location facing the sun!

10. Solar power is clean energy with no pollutants or environmental effect during operation. No need for dams, noisy and unsightly windmills or pipes crossing the land, all of which are required for other sources of green energy like hydro, wind, and geothermal power plants. Solar power is the energy source for the future, not just for the above reasons, but because its cost will never increase. Even wind farms need an increasingly scarce resource in land to build on.

Recent MIT Study Reveals a Weird Yet Childish-Simple 3D Solar Array That Has Amazingly Powerful Results.



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Solar energy is just one type of green energy source around. Through the years, we have found out to tap other resources and these examples consist of wind power, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity and biogas. These are all safe and by utilizing these more often, we don't need to depend on oil which is a nonrenewable resource.

To make this take place, we have to persuade our law makers to promote making use of such resources. You hear speeches left and right about their concern for the environment, it is all talk and not that much action. It is something that needs to change. Watch the following video below to learn more why you need to go solar today or you can jumpstart on this really important free video, which shows you how anyone can slash their power bill using solar energy.