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A Nikola Tesla free energy device may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. In fact, it's been around for quite some time, but it was just hidden from the general public. For years, what government was attempting to hide from us has slowly leaked and now lots of people utilize it. You can find many websites online that are more than willing to take you money to demonstrate you how to actually do it. And some of these sites are so good that I highly recommend them.

The History of Nikola Tesla Free Energy Device

Here's a real eye opener on what Nikola Tesla was up to during World War II. Many people today think of him as the guy who invented the radio, and that was just one of his many contributions. His ideas really spanned the board and many important advances were made during his time at Tesla and in his time at General Electric. But we never heard too much about his theories and how to apply them to create free energy. I thought that until recently. A recent investigation into the possibility of using static electricity to produce electric power has come up with some interesting details.

The theory of a free energy device is simple enough. The power that a magnet motor creates will move a generator that makes free electricity. To make things even better, you can make your own free generator and even sell it back to the power company for a nice profit.

This isn't your grandfather's free generator. For one thing, there are no fuel sources. The idea is to use magnets to induce perpetual motion in a closed circuit. Once started, it will continue to run indefinitely without stopping. The idea is not just a pipe dream, people have studied and released it into the public domain for many years... for a price.

The secret to making this happen is to understand the physics of how magnets work. This is why you need a free energy device. What if you were able to create a force field, that can push back against any foreign object? What if you were able to use this force field to drive an unlimited amount of electricity through a wire?

Is There Such a Thing As a Free Energy Device?

Well, now you can! There is a new project based out of New York University, where they are attempting to demonstrate the viability of a permanent magnet generator. Theoretically, it works on a very similar principle to that of magnet generators used for free energy. But, the real challenge is to develop a working generator that is strong enough to generate more than their own power needs. That is why there are two teams in the experiment. One is led by professor Feng-Hua Pan, while the other is led by assistant professor Zhi Zhong.

The professor and his team have managed to significantly improve upon the design of the free energy device. This has enabled them to dramatically increase the power from their generator. Now, they are seeking to apply this same understanding to other areas. If they succeed, it could open up the door for much greater free energy devices that generate massive amounts of energy without relying on conventional power sources such as fuel cells, solar panels, or wind turbines. These will help eliminate our dependence on these natural resources.

It appears that we may be on the cusp of a very interesting era. If you have any ideas on where to begin your research, you should definitely look at the new project from New York University. This free technology project is a great opportunity to advance the knowledge of global warming. Perhaps next year, we will see something like a free energy generator that can power the entire planet...