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How to save energy at home and save our money in a devastating economic crisis that we are facing right now? In fact, there are numerous ways we can do and one of them that we can potentially do is by reducing our energy consumption at home.

Undoubtedly, we spend nearly half of our salary just to pay the bills right? If you found out how to save the energy at home, then you would possibly save half of your salary.

There are numerous products available at the stores you can buy for this reason. Some of these items are pricey, however they will help cut your bills down significantly and some that are much less expensive.

Simple Ways to Save the Energy at Home

  • The lights. Use the lights when required, if there are lights "on" shut them off. Plus unplug the cables too, even when the power cords are plugged in, electrical power is still dripping through the cables to the light, which indicates you are wasting a little bit of cash from each light.
  • The light bulbs. Choose and use the energy efficient light bulbs. These bulbs put out the very same light as the incandescent bulbs do, however these light bulbs use much less electricity when in use. The energy effective bulbs cost more expensive than the incandescent bulbs do. However they will save you money in the long run as they last much longer than the incandescent one.
  • Unplug the Power Cords. Many of the other things that use electrical energy to work should be unplugged when they are not in use. This is to minimize energy being used, because when the power cables are plugged in, the electrical energy is still dripping through the cord to the items.
  • Use the energy appropriately. When it is a great day out and the sun is shining bright, you can open the blinds, shades and or curtains to let the sun light in your house. Then you won't require to use any lights, thus no electrical energy.

Watch and Change Your Habits

How to save the energy at home is actually easy to do. A really easy and effective method to apply is by changing your habitual unawareness while using your home appliances. For instance, try to avoid opening oven, freezer and refrigerator doors more often. Electronic appliances consume more energy if you open them frequently. You also need to close the cover when cooking because it also helps saves up energy and cook the food quicker.

You should constantly keep your appliances and your pots/pan free of dirt. Not only is it sanitary to constantly clean your appliances, it likewise saves the energy as well. Keeping your home appliances and your pots/pans clean up will make the transmission of heat flows easier.

Putting warm food inside your fridge would only make it consumes more energy. This is because it takes more energy to really cool it down. It is better if to let it take a breath for some time in room temperature instead of immediately putting it inside the fridge.


Whether it is refrigerators, dishwashers or main heating, there are always ways we can efficiently use our appliances to save the energy and money at the same time. This is an awesome activity many people in the world are participating. Besides saving you money, it saves the planet too.