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Have you ever experienced this situation, stuck with your car in the middle of your trip because of its battery died and didn't function at all? Most of us hate this situation don't we? You don't want to be stuck in such a situation and god forbid, if at all you do find out that your car battery has died and you should know how to bring it back to life.

Today, in this short article we'll be covering how to recharge your car battery from another car to bring it back to life again and you'll finally be able to drive to where you want to go.

Standard Requirements:

Most of us will never expect the situation above to occur, so be advised to always prepare and bring some important things in your car. In case you face the situation you're already well prepared. So, what are those important things? We'll try to list the basic requirements you'll need to successfully jump start your car with the help of another car battery below:

  • Jumper cable
  • Rubber gloves
  • Another car with charged battery

How to Get the Process Started

First of all process you need to do is to check the condition of your dead battery to prevent any shocks. Ensure that your battery is not leaking any acid and no cracks on its body. When you're fully sure against any chance of mishap then you can start the process now. There are two ways you need to do to easily start the process. Either you park the donor car parallel or face it in front of the car with the dead battery.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check for all the basic tools before getting started
  • Check the terminals before connecting the jumper cables
  • Check if the point of contact for negative terminal is free of pain and rust


  • Don’t begin the process without checking the condition/health of the battery
  • Don’t get distracted while attaching jumper cables as it can be fatal
  • Do not touch the battery if there is any kind of leakage

Charging Process

Once both the cars are in position, open the hood of both the cars and take note of the positive and negative terminals, denoted by the Plus (+) and Minus (-) symbols respectively. The order in which one attaches the wires does make a huge difference so do not get distracted, as it could lead to a potential life-threatening situation if things go wrong. Begin the connection by connecting the positive jumper cable (usually red in color) to the dead battery followed by the charged battery.

This step is followed by connecting the negative cable (usually black in color) to the charged battery to either the frame or chassis of the vehicle with the discharged battery. Make sure the point of contact in the car with the discharged battery is free of paint or rust.

The Final Process

Go ahead and start the car with the charged battery. The jumper cables will then transfer the charge to the car with the dead battery. We would suggest letting both the cars to idle in the same condition for at least five to ten minutes so that the dead battery can build up a charge of its own.

Do keep in mind, it will take fairly longer to fully charge the dead battery. Once successful, remove the jumper cables in the exact opposite order in which they were connected. This will prevent any sparks or accidents. Once both the cables are removed, allow the car with the dead battery to idle for another five to ten minutes in order for the alternator to charge the battery.

Once you’ve let the car idle for a while, we would suggest that you take the car out for a small drive of about 20 minutes. This would give the battery an opportunity to charge itself a bit more so that you don’t have to face the same situation the very next time you take out the car again.


Having experienced the situation like this is very annoying especially for those of you who are walking an important and time-sensitive activities in your daily life. That's why knowing this kind of knowledge is very helpful to prevent your stress when the situation like this occur. Remember to always get prepared!

Make sure you always bring those basic requirements above in your car. Or if you want to know how to recondition old batteries (almost any kinds of them) you can check out EZ Battery Reconditioning that will give you another great skill to prevent the annoying experience of having stuck in the middle of your trip caused by a dead battery.