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Have you heard about Patrick Kelly, the man behind the Patrick Kelly free energy device? The Pat Kelly Energy device is an amazing concept and it's getting all the media attention. Many people are now seeing how this unique product works and are wanting to build their own. The concept is very simple and that is to use magnets to create perpetual motion. The magnetic field will cause the energy that's being created within the battery to be stored.

To start you will need to locate a good place to build your Patrick Kelly free energy device. The best place to do this would be at your home, garage, or outdoors. It will be important that your location is ideal for your free energy device because of all the different components that you will need once you have it up and running. Building a magnetic energy generator will require the use of some copper tubing and a large magnet.

Once you have located your perfect spot, then you need to make sure that all of the materials you require are in place. You should also make sure that you have all the tools that you will need as well as the appropriate electrical connections. The following is an energy audit on a Patrick Kelly free energy device.

How to Build Patrick Kelly Free Energy Device

The Components You Need

Let's move on to some of the components that make up the Patrick Kelly free energy receiver. The first one that is important is the magnet which is suspended in a thick aluminum tube. You must place this tube on the roof of your house, preferably on the outside. The reason for this is because it needs to be away from any combustible material, which would cause a fire and cause damage.

The second part of the device is the electrical motor. Actually two permanent magnet free energy generators that power the electrical motor. These generators are both perpetual and powerful. After they have been energized they will start producing electricity and this will power the magnet motor which will in turn power the rest of the device.

The final component is the Tesla power coil. This is a huge coil that sits on top of the magnet motor. When the magnet motor turns, it produces electricity which flows through the wire to the other components. There is an integrated circuit which controls the different systems inside the Pat Kelly generator. This is basically the way that you get the permanent magnet free-energy device to work.

Patrick Kelly Free Energy Audit

Before I tell you how to build a permanent cell free energy device, I want you to know that you have already been saving money by building this for yourself. You can easily see the results of your efforts in the savings that you are now making. When you want to build a Pat Kelly generator, it is easy. All that you need is a set of blueprints. Now, I want to talk about how to get a free energy audit of your home. I want you to understand that these are very serious and valuable things to look into.

A Pat Kelly energy audit is when you are looking at the electrical wiring in your home. If you can replace all of the old lighting with new solar light bulbs you will be saving a lot of money. In fact, you will be able to save so much money that you may even qualify for a tax break. What a wonderful way to start your tax-free savings account!

When you are looking at the Pat Kelly solar panels and the solar cells, you can easily see that there are two ways to generate electricity, the electric way and the free heat energy way. These are the only two efficient ways that can produce free energy systems. You can use solar panels for both. These are two very efficient ways to get a free heat energy curve up and going.