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Free energy magnet motor is a perpetual motion device that produces free energy without any external input. These motors run indefinitely on their own and require virtually no maintenance. The name "free energy" has been coined to emphasize this feature of these motors.

This type of motor is capable of generating electricity even when the magnets are not directly placed on the circuit. As the magnets repulse each other, it causes a rotation, which is converted into electricity. The machine does not need any external power source to operate.

The first real free energy magnet motor was designed by Peter Eisenman back in 1984. He was working on a new concept of free energy generation. So much so that he patented it in 1985. He also did some work on ion generators and got patents for those as well. I personally like his concept because it is simple, clean and efficient.

How Does Free Energy Magnet Motor Work?

You need to know a little bit about magnets to understand how Peter Eiseman magnet motor works. A magnet acts like a mini super battery when we apply an electric current to it. When the friction breaks the current, the magnet releases energy. The strength of the electric current is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field surrounding the magnet.

There are a few different methods to apply this free energy to a generator for the free energy. The simplest method is to use a permanent magnet motor generator to drive a wheel. A permanent magnet motor generator consists of two primary magnets that attract each other.

  • You would install the wheels at the center between the primary magnets.
  • To generate free energy you would rotate the primary wheel at a constant speed. - When this wheel spins it creates a torque to turn the secondary magnet around which in turn pulls the primary magnet towards itself creating a torque.

This free energy generator works just the same as a solar panel. You just need to place the permanent motor generator next to a sunny spot where it will be exposed to plenty of sun.

Some Ways of Generating Free Energy

Some more dirt cheap ways of generating free energy include a water fountain or an aquarium pump. If you don't want to spend the time or money building one of these permanent motor generators then check out what is available in the form of a DIY kit. Many people have found these free energy generators to be very useful both at home and at work. They produce free energy without polluting the environment like some generators might.

The Advantages & Disadvantages

The biggest advantage is they run completely on free energy. Some people have even built permanent magnetic motor generators that can run themselves for free. To do this you need to buy a good guide that teaches you the process involved and how to build one. You will find it very easy to build one using a DIY guide. The other advantage of a free energy magnetic motor is the fact that it can power itself thus save you money on your electricity bill.

These free energy motors are a great way to provide free energy to your home, work, or to power up your entire home. They are not only easy to build, but they are cheap and easy to maintain. The best part is they will not pollute the environment like most generators would. The only disadvantage is that they do require a direct connection to the earth for power so they aren't viable for homes with a permanent power supply.

How to Make a Free Energy Magnet Motor

The Free Energy Magnet Motor Design

There are a number of different designs for free energy magnet motor. These different designs are often referred to as a particular design. The most common thing of these systems involves

  • a DC input
  • an N-type or P-type winding
  • and a magnetron.

The P-type winding is designed to generate a spin, while the N-type winding is designed to generate a magnetic field that is used to induce motion in the P-type coil.

The simplest magnet motor free energy device consists of two copper boxes placed on either side of a wooden frame. A light bulb with a photoresistor is placed inside one box, while a Diodophone with a diaphragm in it is placed inside the other box. A DC input is placed between the two copper boxes. The input light bulb will generate a small amount of voltage, which is used to power the Diodophone. This is just one simple example of how this type of device you can construct.

Things You Should Consider to Do

Read and Understand the Construction Details

Now that you know how to make free energy magnetic motor, it is important that you read up on the construction details as well. Before you start your construction, you should spend some time researching the topic. You can use online resources, or visit a local bookstore to purchase a guide on building a magnet motor generator. In fact, there are even online free e-books available about this topic.

Use Quality Products and Supplies

When building a free energy magnetic motor, it is important that you use quality products and supplies. It is also important that you follow the manufacturer's directions carefully. There are a number of different guides available on the internet that discuss the construction details as well. Before you start construction, however, you should always make sure that you understand the instructions.

The Investment is Very Low

You will find that the investment is very low in comparison with other energy saving devices. You can even put it together yourself if you are familiar with soldering. The cost of materials does drop once you get your motor running. You will also find that the price of these items will vary greatly depending on where you buy them. A local hardware store may charge much more than a large online retailer would.

The most effective way to make free energy magnet motor is by building your own if you can. However, if you decide to purchase a magnet motor design, be sure to check carefully what the manufacturer has to say about the specifics of their product. A magnet motor should be built by someone familiar with the construction of permanent magnet generators.

Final Thoughts

It is amazing how many people are so convinced of the idea that free energy is achievable. People think of solar panels or wind turbines as being too complicated. Yet if you have ever seen a photo of a free energy device in operation then you can really see how simple they are. A free energy magnet motor is almost as easy to build as a windmill or a solar panel. You don't need any special tools. You don't even need to know anything about wiring. All you need is a good set of plans and your free determination and motivation to follow through.

Before you start your free energy magnet motor project, make sure you get a proper design. Not all designs are created equal. Some are not very effective. Try to find one that is very simple and easy to use. Look at different testimonials online and make sure you buy from a trusted manufacturer. When you are done, you can test your free energy magnet motor. Run it through your household appliances. Make sure everything works correctly. Hopefully, you have successfully created your own free source of energy. Think of all the energy you save by not having to buy electricity!