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10 Best Barrels for Rainwater Collection to Save the Environment

Save the environment and your wallet with these top 10 rainwater collection barrels: FCMP Outdoor 50-Gallon, Good Ideas Rain Wizard, VEVOR 53 Gallon Collapsible, Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collection System, VINGLI 50 Gallon Collapsible, EJWOX 45 Gallon Black, Gardeners Supply Company 65 Gallon Urn, Rhino CLEARMATE Collapsible. Consider size, material, and installation ease. Opt for UV-stabilized polyethylene or PVC for durability. Check for quality spigots and overflows. Pay attention to design aesthetics. These barrels offer durability, eco-friendliness, and efficiency.

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Key Takeaways

  • Choose BPA-free polyethylene or PVC barrels for durability and eco-friendliness.
  • Opt for barrels with efficient debris filtration systems like mesh screens.
  • Consider collapsible designs for easy storage and transport.
  • Look for barrels with multiple spigots for convenient water retrieval.
  • Select barrels with overflow prevention features to avoid water wastage.

FCMP Outdoor 50-Gallon Rain Catcher Water Storage Barrel (RC4000-BRN)

rainwater storage solution for outdoor use

For those seeking a durable and user-friendly rainwater collection solution, the FCMP Outdoor 50-Gallon Rain Catcher Water Storage Barrel (RC4000-BRN) offers a convenient and efficient option. Made of BPA-free polyethylene plastic, this barrel has a capacity of 50 gallons, with dimensions measuring 24L x 24W x 32H.

The brown-colored barrel includes spigots for connecting multiple barrels and features an aluminum mesh screen to keep the water clear. Customers have praised its easy setup, sturdy construction, and effectiveness in capturing rainwater for gardening. While some users appreciated the intake screen and user-friendly design, a few suggested minor improvements in the plastic quality.

Overall, the FCMP Outdoor rainwater storage barrel provides a reliable and functional solution for your rainwater harvesting needs.

Best For: Gardeners looking for an easy-to-use and efficient rainwater collection solution.


  • Easy setup and sturdy construction
  • Ideal for capturing rainwater for gardening
  • Provides good water pressure and durability


  • Plastic quality may be criticized

Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Gallon Plastic Rain Barrel

rain barrel collection system

Ideal for those seeking an efficient and durable solution for collecting rainwater, the Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Gallon Plastic Rain Barrel features a metal spigot and a flat-back design.

This rain barrel allows you to collect rainwater for both home and garden use, with a 50-gallon capacity that can be increased by linking multiple barrels together. The metal spigot enables easy hose connection, while the overflow system directs excess water away.

Made in the USA from durable BPA-free plastic resin, this barrel includes a fine mesh screen to keep out debris. Customers have praised its sturdiness, attractiveness, and affordability, making it a popular choice for sustainable water collection.

Best For: Homeowners and garden enthusiasts looking for a durable and efficient solution for collecting rainwater sustainably.


  • 50-gallon capacity for ample water storage
  • Metal spigot for easy hose connection
  • Durable BPA-free plastic resin construction


  • Some issues reported with debris clogging the spigot

VEVOR 53 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel with Spigots and Overflow Kit

collapsible rain barrel kit

When considering a rainwater collection solution that prioritizes durability and efficiency, the VEVOR 53 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel with Spigots and Overflow Kit stands out as a reliable choice.

This rain barrel offers rainwater recycling for various needs and is designed for ease of use with a top mesh that prevents bugs and debris from entering. Constructed with 1000D PVC for durability, it features a leak prevention design with rubber washers.

The collapsible and reusable design guarantees storage efficiency when not in use. With dimensions of 23.6L x 23.6W x 29.1H inches and a capacity of 53 gallons, this VEVOR rain barrel in black PVC material is lightweight at 6.8 pounds.

Consider this option for a convenient and effective rainwater harvesting solution.

Best For: Those looking for a durable and efficient rainwater collection solution with easy maintenance and storage.


  • Rainwater recycling for multiple needs
  • Easy to use with bug and debris prevention mesh
  • Collapsible and reusable design for storage efficiency


  • Some reported issues with assembly and durability

Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collection System – 53 Gallon Portable Water Storage Tank

portable rain barrel system

With its tough 3-ply PVC materials and integrated design for leak prevention, the Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Collection System is a dependable choice for those looking for a convenient and portable water storage solution. This 53-gallon tank features a sturdy fiberglass rod for stability, making it robust for water collection.

The collapsible and portable design allows for easy transportation and storage when not in use. Its roomy opening with a mesh top facilitates simple cleaning, while the two spigots offer convenient water retrieval. Installation is trouble-free with detailed instructions included, and swift replacement of missing or damaged components is guaranteed.

Enjoy the efficiency of this water collection system, which is ideal for gardening and other water-saving purposes.

Best For: Those looking for a convenient and portable water storage solution that is easy to transport and store.


  • Sturdy fiberglass rod for stability
  • Collapsible and portable design for easy transportation
  • Two spigots for convenient water retrieval


  • Concerns about longevity in certain environments

VINGLI 50 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel with Filter Spigot Overflow Kit

collapsible rain barrel kit

For those seeking an eco-friendly and durable solution to save on water bills, the VINGLI 50 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel with Filter Spigot Overflow Kit offers a sustainable and convenient option for rainwater collection. This rain barrel is designed with eco-friendly features that help save water and the Earth, making it a sustainable solution for reusing rainwater and potentially saving up to 40% on water bills annually. Constructed from high-quality PVC frame and anti-corrosion PVC mesh fabric, this barrel boasts a crack-free and durable design.

It also includes leak prevention features such as two rubber rings for each spigot to prevent leakage and a top mesh design that keeps debris and insects away. Additionally, its convenient foldable design allows for easy storage and portability, making it a versatile choice for collecting and storing water efficiently.

Best For: Those looking for a portable and eco-friendly solution to efficiently collect and store rainwater while saving on water bills.


  • Portable and easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy materials.
  • Suitable for seasonal storage.


  • Lack of stability in windy conditions.

Squeeze Master 50 Gallon Rainwater Collection Barrel

50 gallon rainwater collection

Ideal for eco-conscious gardeners, the Squeeze Master 50 Gallon Rainwater Collection Barrel offers a durable and sophisticated solution for collecting and utilizing rainwater. Made of UV-resistant, anti-freeze high-quality PP, this barrel has a large 50-gallon capacity that can be expanded by connecting multiple barrels.

Its mesh top keeps debris and mosquitoes out, while the flat back adds to its aesthetic appeal. With a convenient drain hose for easy watering directly from the tap, this barrel is designed for practicality. Assembly is a breeze, taking only 20 minutes with all necessary parts included.

Although some users faced challenges during assembly, the overall positive feedback emphasizes the sturdiness and ease of use of this rainwater collection barrel.

Best For: Eco-conscious gardeners looking for a durable and practical rainwater collection solution.


  • Sturdy construction with UV-resistant, anti-freeze high-quality PP material.
  • Convenient mesh top to prevent debris and mosquitoes.
  • Easy assembly with all necessary parts included.


  • Some users faced challenges during assembly.

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System (2″x3″ PVC, White)

rainwater collection system details

To maximize rainwater collection efficiency for your residential downspout, consider the Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System in white PVC. This system is designed to fit standard 2′ x 3′ residential downspouts, allowing you to divert rainwater into collection barrels effectively.

Made of UV-resistant PVC, it guarantees durability and can be painted to match your downspout. The included 4 ft. high flow hose facilitates connecting the diverter to the collection container seamlessly. Easy to install with step-by-step instructions, this system has received positive feedback for its effectiveness in diverting around 80-90% of water from the downspout.

While some users made modifications for the best performance, overall, the Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System is a reliable choice for water conservation.

Best For: Those looking for an easy-to-install rainwater collection system to efficiently divert rainwater into collection barrels.


  • Easy installation process with step-by-step instructions.
  • Effectively diverts around 80-90% of water from the downspout.
  • Can be painted to match the downspout color.


  • Some users may need to make modifications for optimal performance.

EJWOX 45 Gallon Black Rain Barrel with Spigot and Hose

durable 45 gallon rain barrel

When considering rain barrels for collecting rainwater, a notable choice is the EJWOX 45 Gallon Black Rain Barrel with Spigot and Hose, designed for those seeking a durable and user-friendly solution.

This rain barrel, measuring 17.32 x 17.32 x 33.07 inches and weighing 15.44 pounds, offers a convenient spigot and hose for easy access to collected water. Manufactured by EJWOX Garden Home, this product has received mixed feedback, with some customers praising its performance while others have reported issues such as leaks and assembly difficulties.

It ranks at #61,622 in Patio, Lawn & Garden and #114 in Rain Barrels. While assembly is required, no batteries are needed. If considering this rain barrel, be sure to clean it with a hose per the care instructions provided.

Best For: Individuals looking for a user-friendly rain barrel with a convenient spigot and hose for collecting rainwater.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy access to collected water with spigot and hose
  • Positive feedback on customer service


  • Reported issues with leaks

Gardeners Supply Company 65 Gallon Rainwater Collection Urn

rainwater collection urn review

For gardeners looking to efficiently store rainwater for various outdoor purposes, the Gardeners Supply Company 65 Gallon Rainwater Collection Urn offers a sturdy and functional solution. It features a quality spigot and 5-foot hose, making it easy to access stored water. The urn is made of sturdy UV-stabilized polyethylene, designed to withstand outdoor elements. Its UV-stable, scratch- and chip-resistant construction guarantees durability. The matte textured finish and terra cotta color give it an appealing look for outdoor display.

With a 65-gallon capacity, this urn is ideal for storing water for gardening, car washing, and irrigation. While some users have reported issues with water pressure and spigot size, the overall feedback highlights its functionality and design. The urn is easy to assemble and lightweight for mobility, making it a practical choice for eco-conscious gardeners.

Best For: Eco-conscious gardeners seeking an efficient rainwater storage solution.


  • Sturdy UV-stabilized polyethylene construction
  • Quality spigot and 5-foot hose for easy water access
  • Appealing terra cotta color and matte textured finish


  • Reported issues with water pressure and spigot size

Rhino CLEARMATE Collapsible Rain Barrel (53-Gal)

collapsible 53 gallon rhino rain barrel

With its collapsible design and wide mesh top to keep out debris, the Rhino CLEARMATE Collapsible Rain Barrel (53-Gal) is ideal for those looking to save on water bills and easily collect rainwater for their gardens. Save up to 40% on water bills with this portable barrel that features a convenient faucet for easy water access.

Constructed with heavy-duty 500D fabric and UV coating, this rain barrel is durable and temperature-resistant from -5°F to 160°F, suitable for normal-sized gardens. It holds up to 100 gallons of water, with an overflow pipe to prevent overfilling.

Despite some reported issues with hose attachment and pressure, customers appreciate the value of rainwater collection during dry seasons and find the barrel easy to assemble and stable in performance.

Best For: Individuals with normal-sized gardens who are looking to save on water bills and easily collect rainwater for their garden.


  • Save up to 40% on water bills by collecting rainwater.
  • Collapsible and portable design for easy handling and transport.
  • Wide mesh top to keep out leaves and insects.


  • Some reported issues with hose attachment and pressure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Barrels for Rainwater Collection

When selecting barrels for rainwater collection, you should focus on factors like size, material quality, and ease of installation. Consider if the barrel is eco-friendly and offers various capacity options to suit your needs. These aspects play an important role in determining the effectiveness and efficiency of your rainwater harvesting system.

Size Considerations

When selecting barrels for rainwater collection, the available space for installation should be a key consideration. Larger barrels, such as those ranging from 50-65 gallons, can store more rainwater but will require more space. On the other hand, smaller barrels around 45-53 gallons are suitable for limited spaces or smaller rainwater collection needs.

The size of the barrel directly impacts the amount of rainwater you can collect and store for later use. To determine the appropriate size of the rainwater collection barrel needed, assess your water usage and rainfall patterns.

Material Quality

Consider the material quality of rainwater collection barrels, focusing on factors like UV-stabilized polyethylene or durable PVC construction for longevity and durability. Opt for high-quality materials such as BPA-free plastic resin or heavy-duty 500D fabric with UV coating to guarantee durability and longevity.

The material quality of rain barrels impacts their resistance to weather conditions and potential damage, ensuring effective rainwater collection. Look for barrels made from sturdy materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene plastic for long-lasting performance. Choose rain barrels with materials that prevent cracking, leakage, and deterioration over time to secure reliable water storage and conservation.

Prioritizing material quality will help you select a barrel that can withstand the elements and serve its purpose effectively.

Installation Simplicity

For easy setup, look for rainwater barrels with straightforward assembly instructions. Opt for barrels with simple connection mechanisms to downspouts for hassle-free installation. Choose barrels with intuitive designs that require minimal tools or expertise to set up efficiently.

Consider collapsible rain barrels for convenient storage and deployment without complex installation procedures. Check for pre-installed components like spigots and overflow pipes to simplify the setup process further.

Eco-Friendly Features

To choose eco-friendly rainwater collection barrels, prioritize features such as material sustainability and efficient debris filtration. Opt for barrels made from sustainable materials like BPA-free plastic resin or PVC, as these are durable and crack-free. These materials aren’t only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly.

Look for rain barrels with top mesh designs to prevent debris and insects from contaminating the collected rainwater. This guarantees that the water remains clean and safe for all your intended uses.

Capacity Options

When selecting rainwater collection barrels, assess the size of your roof, the average rainfall in your area, and your intended usage to determine the most suitable capacity option. Capacity options typically range from 45 to 65 gallons.

Larger barrels, like 50 to 65 gallons, are perfect for storing more rainwater for gardening or irrigation purposes. On the other hand, smaller barrels around 45 gallons are ideal for compact spaces or areas with limited rainfall.

Durability Aspects

When choosing barrels for rainwater collection, prioritize durability by considering factors such as the materials used in construction and the presence of key features like scratch-resistant coatings. Opt for barrels made of UV-stabilized polyethylene or PVC for long-lasting durability.

Look for barrels with scratch- and chip-resistant coatings to guarantee they can withstand outdoor elements. Check for a sturdy spigot and hose connection to prevent leaks and guarantee efficient water retrieval.

Evaluate the design for stability and structural integrity, especially in heavy rain or windy conditions. Choose barrels with additional features like overflow prevention systems to enhance durability and functionality.

Design Aesthetics

Consider the shape, color, and material of the rainwater collection barrel to guarantee it complements your outdoor space effectively. Look for barrels that match your aesthetic preferences, whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a more traditional appearance. Opt for barrels available in various colors like brown, green, or terra cotta to seamlessly blend in with your garden or landscape.

If you want a neat and space-saving look, choose a barrel with a flat-back design that sits flush against a wall. Additionally, consider barrels with decorative features such as textures or patterns to enhance the visual appeal of your rainwater collection system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Rain Barrels Suitable for Use in Areas With Extreme Weather Conditions Such as Freezing Temperatures or High Winds?

When it comes to extreme weather like freezing temps or high winds, these rain barrels hold up well. They’re designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring your rainwater collection system remains reliable and efficient year-round.

Can These Rain Barrels Be Easily Connected to Existing Gutter Systems for Efficient Rainwater Collection?

Yes, you can easily connect these rain barrels to your existing gutter systems for efficient rainwater collection. They come with simple installation instructions and all the necessary parts, making the process hassle-free.

How Durable Are These Rain Barrels and What Kind of Maintenance Is Required to Ensure Their Longevity?

To guarantee the longevity of your rain barrels, opt for durable materials like UV-resistant plastics or galvanized steel. Regularly check for cracks, leaks, and debris buildup. Clean screens and gutters annually. Proper maintenance ensures extended use and efficient rainwater collection.

Are There Any Specific Installation Instructions or Tips for Setting up These Rain Barrels in Different Types of Outdoor Spaces?

To set up rain barrels in various outdoor spaces, consider factors like elevation, proximity to downspouts, and stability of the ground. Confirm a secure foundation, proper connection to gutters, and regularly check for clogs or leaks.

Do These Rain Barrels Come With Any Warranties or Guarantees for Customer Satisfaction and Product Performance?

Yes, these rain barrels typically come with warranties and guarantees for your satisfaction and the product’s performance. Most manufacturers offer varying warranty lengths, so be sure to check the specific details provided with your purchase.


So there you have it – 10 of the best barrels for rainwater collection that can help you save the environment and your wallet. Whether you choose a collapsible option or a more traditional barrel, collecting rainwater is a great way to conserve water and reduce your water bill.

With the right barrel, you can easily harvest rainwater to use for gardening, irrigation, or other household needs. Make a sustainable choice today and start collecting rainwater with one of these great barrels!

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