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Solar energy is one of the largest growing markets, counting the building of solar power plants, purchase of solar panels for use in houses, and smaller sized solar gadgets that are used to charge devices. Embracing the use of solar energy can be done on a little scale, such as using it to help heating your house, or on a bigger scale, by switching your power solely to solar power.

Practical Uses for Solar Energy

There are lots of uses for solar energy so you can start with simply one or go for them all. Here are five of them that you can practically use in your home:

1. Power Your House.

Utilizing solar panels and a system for converting the sun's energy into electrical power, you can supply power for your house. You can utilize a battery or generator backup.

2. Heat Your Hot Water.

Eliminate your inefficient electrical or gas water heater, and replace it with a solar heater. Use a generator or battery to keep energy so that you'll still have hot water even when the sun is not out.

3. Hot Water Heating for Your Home.

Utilizing solar energy that resolves water baseboard heating, you can supply heat for your home. The system warm the water is using solar tubes and after that distribute it through the baseboards using a solar-powered pump with a battery backup.

4. Cooking.

With a couple of materials and some resourcefulness, you can develop a solar-powered oven and stove top that you can utilize to cook with on bright days.

5. Charge Mobile Phone, Laptops and Tablets.

The system will convert sunlight into energy and keep it in a battery in gadgets created to charge mobile phone; charging takes a while, however you can charge your phone free of charge every day because you are not utilizing electricity supplied by a power grid. Similar to the cell phone battery chargers but bigger, charging stations utilize solar power to create electrical power and recharge the batteries on your laptop, tablet, and so on.

Other Practical Uses of Solar Energy

Here are some other practical uses for solar energy that you can consider:

  • Ventilation. You can use solar energy to power fans throughout your home; you’ll save on cooling costs because you won’t need to run the air conditioner as much, and the solar energy is totally free.
  • Heat your pool water. Install solar panels on your roof to heat the water for your pool. You can use a pump to circulate the warmed water into your pool.
  • Keep your pool warm. So that your swimming pool will be prepared on the very first warm day, utilize a solar blanket to cover the water, and leave the cover on when the swimming pool is not in use so the water stays warm.
  • Heat a sun room. With two or three all-glass walls and solar panels on one room, you eliminate the need for any external heat. The addition of plants and ornamental rocks or stones will help by storing the warmth of the sun.
  • Heat pump. Rather than using oil or gas for heat, you can use solar power to provide energy for a heat pump that will circulate warm air throughout your home.
  • Charging batteries. You can use a solar energy device to charge DC batteries, and you can use those batteries to power any number of appliances in your home.
  • Security lighting. You can set up solar-powered lights around the perimeters of your home or your yard to provide light at night and keep areas of your home more secure.

The Bottom Line

Solar energy already has lots of usages, and more are being produced each year. While lots of locations do not yet use solar energy, the power grid in some neighborhoods is typically supplemented by solar energy, and you have the choice of installing your own solar source to match a variety of functions. Whether used to supply lighting outside your home during the night or to warm your warm water, solar energy is tidy and efficient, and it decreases your utility expenses.